Concert Preview

Slim’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Slim’s Downtown is hosting 5 amazing nights of music April 15 – April 19. Why? Because we’ve been here for fifteen years and if we didn’t celebrate it would be highly out of character for us.  It has been a long and lovely ride, from what we can remember (and according to the stories we’ve been told about our behavior on the mornings after).  We would like to thank everyone who has made Slim’s their living room away from their living room. You’ve helped us become the community of drunks, musicians, servers and patrons we are today as we look forward to many more great years ahead. Thank you, Raleigh, now let’s get silly.

Tuesday, April 15 (8pm)

Ranch Ghost


Turf War


Wednesday, April 16 (8pm)

The Vibekillers

The Bleeding Hearts

El Dealer

The Backsliders

Thursday, April 17 (9pm)

Whatever Brains

Spray Paint

Friday, April 18 (8pm)

Gross Ghost

American Aquarium

Left Outlet

Paint Fumes

Saturday, April 19 (9pm)

Enemy Waves 

(more tba)