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Moogfest Artist Spotlight: Dan Deacon

Heading into the end of the night on Friday of Hopscotch 2012, I wasn’t sure I could last much longer. Non-stop concerts and drinking since 8 o’clock the night before had left me drained; yet I stumbled my way into the Pour House and up to the front amongst a crowd of particularly sweaty individuals to witness what I had been told would be the show of the festival: Dan Deacon. It wasn’t more than a few moments into his set that I felt the energy surge back through me, the cacophony of dual drums and glitch beats swaying my body back into movement.

It’s been about a year and a half since that show, and I would still be hard-pressed to think of a show that I have enjoyed more than that one and it’s why, when Dan Deacon was announced as part of this year’s Moogfest line-up, I instantly penciled in my first must-see show. Getting a chance to see him, and subsequently YACHT, is something I would recommend to any friend; thus, I say to you: plan to spend 11 pm to 1:30 am at the New Earth Main Room on Thursday, April 24 for what will surely be a fantastic show.