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Phuzz Records Dissolves Relationship with Twelve Thousand Armies

From Phuzz Records:

It is with much deliberation that myself and my partner in Phuzz Records have made the decision to sever ties with Twelve Thousand Armies, whose new album was released on our label two weeks ago.

Two months after signing a contract with Justin Williams, the songwriter performing under the name Twelve Thousand Armies, and days before the album’s release date, a red flag was raised against Justin by a local record store owner suggesting a history of violence against women. As we were unsure of how to proceed with the information at our disposal, the record was released as scheduled, however our recent discussion with primary sources new to us has led us to see no alternative to ending our professional relationship with Twelve Thousand Armies and Justin Williams.

As a new, small and self-funded record label, canceling a record into which we’ve invested significant money and energy translates to a complete and total loss. While we agreed to put the album out because of our love for music, we feel that new information has made this decision the only one we can make in good conscience.

Because of past interactions with Justin, we were aware that he struggled with alcohol abuse, however, we were completely shocked by the depth of allegations against him by numerous individuals. Regardless of any legal documents available or unavailable to us regarding Justin’s history, we do not condone any sort of violent behavior, and cannot in good faith continue promoting the album.

This is not a condemnation of Justin as a human being. We wish no ill will toward him, believing that hate can only breed more hate. We also believe in the power of redemption for people willing to take steps in that direction. We hope Justin and his family can have a peaceful future, but are unable to continue being involved with Justin in a professional capacity.

Additionally, we have decided to make a donation in the amount of $500 to Family Services, our local domestic violence women’s shelter. This equals the amount of money we have recouped from our investment in the record thus far. We realize this does little to ease the pain of the millions of women who are physically abused each year, but we hope to raise awareness about this serious and pervasive issue. We also hope to take steps towards making amends with anyone who may have been offended by our original decision to release this album.

Philip Pledger / Phuzz Records