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Pre-Phuzz Artist Highlight: Jessica Lea Mayfield

After making some changes to her look and modifying her music a little bit, Jessica Lea Mayfield is definitely on my chart of must-see artists for this year’s Phuzz Phest. From growing up listening to her hypnotizing acoustic sets to hearing her equally as talented brother cover her songs, the lyrics of Jessica’s songs are always something that have seemed to captivate and keep my ears perked. On top of the lyrics, Jessica’s soft and sweet vocals are able to contribute even further to her fairy-like presence. Now, I’m not one to say if her current look/sound is here to stay, but I know for a fact that it has not changed my outlook and appreciation for her artistic talents. Be it in acoustic version or soft rock form, I’ll be eager to get the front row of any Jessica Lea Mayfield show that is in the North Carolina area.