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Carolina Grown Podcast: Crowdsource


Phil Torres is a man you can expect to hear a lot more of in the North Carolina music scene. For the past few years he’s been blazing musical trails as Baobab alongside his partner Whitney Trettiien, but recently he broke out of the “folktronic” territory and has begun to craft heady dance tracks under the moniker Crowdsource. On this electronically themed show, I spoke at length with Phil about the origin of his electronic obsession, how he crafts these infectious beats and some of his sampling sources.

Alongside the songwriting aspects of his music, the conversation frequently delved into more logistical territories of electronic composition. For starters, many have harped on the lack of showmanship involved with live electronic sets, a qualm that’s quite frankly ill-founded. Phil discusses his live set-up along with some of his major inspirations for delving into the EDM side of the electronic spectrum.

Check out our full conversation, along with three brand new Crowdsource tracks from his forthcoming album Bit Rot Blues.