Band/Artist Profile

Double Barrel Benefit 11 // Daniel Bachman


American primitivism is a deep rooted musical style pioneered by the likes of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, and Jack Rose. The genre is defined by a mix of avant-garde and blues finger-picking techniques that create a heavily textured, almost hypnotic effect with its repeating and ascending thematic lines. Its something thats become more and more mythologized in the past few years as it currently undergoes somewhat of a renaissance. Twenty-something, Bathetic Records artist Daniel Bachman likes to just call it “guitar music.”

The so-called guitar-prodigy relocated to Chapel Hill shortly after his performance at Raleigh’s Longview Center for Hopscotch Music Festival’s fourth year, as well as an amazing collaborative drone set in the Rose Garden with the group Pelt. A relentless tourer, the Fredericksburg Virginia native has made a name for himself among the most talented performers currently reviving complex acoustic guitar work–including Steve Gunn and Merge Record’s William Tyler.

Bachman will open night two of Double Barrel February 14th in Raleigh serving to appropriately christen the americana-folk-rock-packed power line-up at Lincoln Theater. On top of all that we heard he’s a big whiskey and PBR fan. Be sure to show early, watch some fast fingers and let your mouth hang open.

-John Kovalchik, Operations Manager