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Concert Review

Double Barrel Benefit Night 1 Recap // February 7, 2014


The first night of Double Barrel Benefit 11 at Cat’s Cradle surely did not disappoint. We are so grateful to the hundreds of wonderful people who came out and showed their support.

The night started out with a highly energetic and enthusiastic performance by Raleigh’s own Ghostt Bllonde. Next was Tow3rs, who began his set with a cover of Raleigh’s Lonnie Walker, which immediately grabbed at the crowd’s hearts. Hammer No More the Fingers followed with a nostalgic yet fresh set with new material that reinforces your past love affair with the boys. Lastly, The Love Language took the stage and delivered a genuinely heart-felt performance. The band served up a well-balanced mix of older songs as well as some picks from their latest album. Before we knew it, nobody in the crowd could contain themselves and broke out into a frenzy of crowd surfing- which has become a surprisingly recent pattern at The Love Language’s shows.

Overall, everyone at WKNC is elated with the results from our first night of Double Barrel Benefit 11. Be sure to come out for the second round of fun, this Friday, February 14, 2014 at Lincoln Theatre. It will be a Valentine’s Day celebration featuring Mount Moriah, Bombadil, Loamlands, and Daniel Bachman! Tickets can be purchased here

Band/Artist Profile

Double Barrel Benefit 11 // Daniel Bachman


American primitivism is a deep rooted musical style pioneered by the likes of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, and Jack Rose. The genre is defined by a mix of avant-garde and blues finger-picking techniques that create a heavily textured, almost hypnotic effect with its repeating and ascending thematic lines. Its something thats become more and more mythologized in the past few years as it currently undergoes somewhat of a renaissance. Twenty-something, Bathetic Records artist Daniel Bachman likes to just call it “guitar music.”

The so-called guitar-prodigy relocated to Chapel Hill shortly after his performance at Raleigh’s Longview Center for Hopscotch Music Festival’s fourth year, as well as an amazing collaborative drone set in the Rose Garden with the group Pelt. A relentless tourer, the Fredericksburg Virginia native has made a name for himself among the most talented performers currently reviving complex acoustic guitar work–including Steve Gunn and Merge Record’s William Tyler.

Bachman will open night two of Double Barrel February 14th in Raleigh serving to appropriately christen the americana-folk-rock-packed power line-up at Lincoln Theater. On top of all that we heard he’s a big whiskey and PBR fan. Be sure to show early, watch some fast fingers and let your mouth hang open.

-John Kovalchik, Operations Manager

Band/Artist Profile Local Music

Local Artist of the Month: Daniel Bachman

In a time where many artists are moving away from traditional instrumentation and moving towards electronics, acts like Daniel Bachman help keep music lovers rooted in the fundamentals. But that’s not to say that Bachman is an ordinary artist by any means. Daniel Bachman is a swiftly rising traditionalist in the music scene and when he made the move to Chapel Hill he was immediately embraced by the local community. There’s no wonder why either, Bachman’s acoustic fingerpicking is anything but simplistic. Using varied open tunings Bachman weaves together complex compositions filled with dense layers of melody, making his perplexing techniques seem effortless.

Bachman’s music is soothing and enchanting, making him an easy choice for our February Artist of the Month. Bachman’s most recent release Jesus, I’m A Sinner delves into American Primitivism, using bluesy fingerpicking techniques to convey his rustic instrumental aura. Whether Bachman is wielding a lapsteel, acoustic or banjo, he’s creating expansive and limitless music using minimal equipment. Bachman knows how to create an immersive environment within his music, making it easy to lose yourself in his rich sounds. With three LPs out within the past two years and another on the way for 2014, this young workhorse has no slowing down in sight.

John Kovalchic’s interview with Daniel Bachman will air on Feb. 14, the same day that Bachman is set to take the stage at Lincoln Theatre for Night 2 of our annual Double Barrel Benefit. Bachman will be performing alongside Mount Moriah, Bombadil and Loamlands. Tune in at 5:00 on Friday, Feb. 14 to hear our Artist of the Month segment with this immensely talented young guitarist.


Playlist: A Guide to Double Barrel Benefit 11

Double Barrel Benefit 11 is quickly approaching. If you haven’t had time to check out the bands yet, here’s a Spotify playlist that includes a couple of songs from each of the bands (except for GHOSTT BLLONDE who are not on Spotify). So please check them out so you can sing along with us at DBB11. As always, tune in to 88.1 WKNC to hear these artists as well as other great artists all day.

Check out the playlist here and the tracklisting below!

Night 1- Friday, February 7th, 8pm, Cat’s Cradle
Beach Glass Comedown by GHOSTT BLLONDE
Bounty by T0W3RS
Scandles by T0W3RS
Blue Blazer by Hammer No More the Fingers
Pink Worm by Hammer No More the Fingers
Lalita by The Love Language
Brittany’s Back by The Love Language

Night 2- Friday, February 14th, 8pm, Lincoln Theatre
Sun Over Old Rag by Daniel Bachman
Sarah Anne by Daniel Bachman
Another Reason by Loamlands
Scottsboro by Loamlands
Honeymoon by Bombadil
Angeline by Bombadil
Social Wedding Rings by Mount Moriah
Bright Light by Mount Moriah

Concert Preview

Double Barrel Benefit 11 Full Lineup

WKNC 88.1 FM will hold its eleventh annual Double Barrel Benefit concert Friday, Feb. 7 at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro and Friday, Feb. 14 at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Cat’s Cradle will host The Love Language to kick off the festival with Hammer No More the Fingers, T0W3RS, and GHOSTT BLLONDE supporting. Lincoln Theatre will feature Mount Moriah for the final night along with special guests to be announced, Loamlands, and Daniel Bachman.

 “The goal is to bring the established bands we’ve always loved to work with and promote the best new bands that we really believe in,” Bri Aab, general manager, said. “As a station, we want to help cultivate a community in which musicians can thrive. The Triangle has a deep local music history, and we hope to strengthen that relationship of music and the area.”

Because of the interconnected nature of the Triangle, WKNC is holding the first night of the festival at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, a Double Barrel first, and keeping the second night at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. The station’s signal is also 25,000 watts, which puts the entire Triangle in its coverage pattern.

“WKNC has grown a lot over the past 10 years of Double Barrel, and this year we are changing it up to illustrate that,” Michael D’Argenio, program director, said. “I’m excited to be bringing this event to larger venues across the Triangle to expose more people to the great local music we have to offer.”


The idea for Double Barrel Benefit, a two-night event to raise money for station operations, came from former general manager Jamie Proctor in 2003. It has become a staple in the music community of North Carolina, and has dually served to promote great local musicians while also benefiting WKNC.

“It’s crazy to have both The Love Language and Mount Moriah this year,” Walt Lilly, station production manager and co-creator of “The Lounge” video series, said. “These are two incredible acts that have a national presence while staying rooted in the Triangle, and we are glad to have their homecoming at Double Barrel.”

“Not only is DBB a great platform to see already established artists in a unique way, it also pairs these acts with our favorite up and coming performers in the area.” John Kovalchik, operations manager, said. “We are very excited about the possibilities that this year’s event has in store.”

Tickets are on sale now at Prices are $12 in advance and $14 at the door for each night and all proceeds benefit WKNC. Two-night passes are available for $22. The event is 18+. Doors for each show open at 8 p.m. with music at 9 p.m.

Music News and Interviews

Jackson Scott in the WKNC lounge

Jackson Scott “Sandy” – WKNC’s The Lounge

When Fat Possum artist Jackson Scott came by knc’s studio for an on air interview after his Chapel Hill debut performance at the Cradle with Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Oct 6th, 2013 we felt it more than necessary to stick a couple camera’s in his face and tell him to play. 

The psych-rock virtuoso out of Asheville ended up playing a stripped down 3 song set as a part of KNC’s new video series The Lounge

“Sandy” is just the first installment of the show, be on the look out for more to be premiered soon!

You can also check out our first episode with Daniel Bachman.

Music News and Interviews

WKNC’s first Lounge!

Today marks the launch of WKNC’s new and ongoing video series entitled The Lounge.

After having so many great artists from North Carolina and around the country stop by our studio we thought it would be a shame not to share their unique, intimate performances with the our listeners to repeat on their electronic devices over and over again.

This first episode features recently relocated american finger stylist Daniel Bachman, now currently residing in Chapel Hill. His ethereal Hopscotch 2013 performance at the Long View Center and day party collaboration with Pelt at the Raleigh Rose Garden caught our attention–but Bachman had long been catching the attention of others, read what Indy writer Grayson Currin had to say about his music.

You’ll be able to find his and other performances at WKNC’s youtube account. Be on the look out for our next session coming up with Asheville resident and Fat Possum artist Jackson Scott.


Festival Coverage

More Hopscotch Highlights: Friday