Concert Preview

Post Rock Block Presents: One Small Step For Man & Pan

The Post Rock Block & Slim’s Downtown are excited to present the first edition of our bi-weekly concert series featuring: One Small Step For Man and Pan.


The Post Rock Block hosted by DJ Cabbage, Sarahnade, and Riff Raff airs every Sunday from 6-8pm. The show features an array of post rock, shoegaze, metal, math-rock, and anything else that’s long, weird, mostly instrumental, and takes you on a musical journey.


One Small Step For Man, is quickly becoming the post rock darling of the Raleigh area. The boys are taking the stage at 9:15 and will be playing music from their previous EP’s: Looking For Alaska and Moonlight Sessions and upcoming EP, set to record in March. Keeping up with the experimental nature of the band, Cole Kratzer, OSSFM’s lead guitarist, promises a vocal track, something the band has yet to do at a live show.


Pan writes music that fulfills the post rock genre, and beyond. The South Carolina youngsters write music that is fresh and thunderous. Pan’s uplifting music features: vocals, guitars, bass, drum, and violin. They will be playing music off the September 2013 release: Meta Major.

Slim’s Downtown is located at 227 S Wilmington St, Raleigh, NC 27601. Show starts at 9:15, tickets are $5 at the door.

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Stay tuned for a recap of the show later this week and information on our next Post Rock Block installment!