DJ Highlights

WKNC DJs’ Best of 2013: Part 2

We asked all of the kind DJs we have here at WKNC what their top lists for 2013 are. Over the next few days we’ll post the myriad of lists ranging from top albums to top colors.

WALTER EGO: Production Director

1. Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy

2. Leverage Models: s/t

3. Thee Oh Sees: Floating Coffin

4. Death Grips: Government Plates

5. Shannon and The Clams: Dreams In The Rat House

DJ Dylan-ger: Chainsaw

1. Queens of the Stone Age: Like Clockwork

2. Waxahatchee: Cerulean Salt

3. Howl: Bloodlines

4. Haim: Days are Gone

5. FIDLAR: s/

DJ C.Biscuit: Afterhours. The Launchpad

1. 3301 ~ The Instar Emergence (Single)

2. Jenova 7 ~ Painkillers & Parasites

3. Beats Antique ~ A Thousand Faces: Act 1

4. STRFKR ~ Miracle Mile

5. Thriftworks ~ Deviation

DJ Mrbarkey

1. Laura Marling: Once I Was An Eagle

2. OK McQueen: Life//EX-LIFE

3. Beach Fossils: Clash the Truth

4. James Blake: Overgrown

5. Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe

Bonus Albums :

6. Patterns: Dangerous Intentions

7. Wild Nothing: Empty Estate 

8. Majical Cloudz: Impersonator 

9. Big Black Delta: Big Black Delta 

10. Jamaican Queens: Wormfood 

DJ GreenMan

1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

2. Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse

3. Daft Punk – R.A.M.

4. Volcano Choir – Repave

5. Okkervil River – The Silver Gymnasium 

Wizard of DJ: Local Lunch 

Top Local Albums of 2013:

1. Mandolin Orange- This Side of Jordan

2. Virgins Family Band- Honeylion

3. Deep Chatham- Flood

4. Daniel Bachman- Jesus I’m a Sinner 

Top 5 Albums of the Year:

1. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero’s- self titled 

2. Frank Fairfield- Ingleside (self released CD) 

3. Various Artists- The Music is You (A Tribute to John Denver)

4. Mandolin Orange- This Side of Jordan

5. Beach Fossils- Clash The Truth 

Top 5 Songs of the Year:

1. Never- All the Luck in the World

2. Foxygen- On Blue Mountain

3.  Prisoners- J. Mascis, Sharon Van Etten (John Denver cover)

4. Country Calling- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero’s

5. Posthumous Release- Coma Cinema

MARC KUZIO: Member of GHOSTT BLLONDE and friend of the station


1.) Thee oh Sees – Floating Coffin 
“while thee oh sees have oftentimes been hit or miss for me….i really really get down to this record. It was constantly playing in my car or blowing my ears out on walks into town. While not necessarily innovative, it contains ALL of my guilty pleasures: THICK blow your speakers out by saxaphone like growling fuzzed guitar (i imagine hunched over backs low strung string pounding) coupled with a watery slapback slip and slide of guitar riffs. This is just a noisey FUN album that stood out for me outside of the "bro-fi paint-by-numbers-pop” that 2013 seemed to be

2.) Deerhunter – Monomania

Probably the most accesible of the band’s catalouge, this record is a slinky, fun, groove of sparking socket sounds and lingering hooks. My favorite parts of the songs stem from Bradford Cox’s use of vocal delay. Nothing is consistent and will throw you off guard every listen, making you completely loose (eg: Leather Jacket II) and then dance you around on floating vibes which are totally hand wave moving worthy ( eg: THM ) I think its the production on this album that gives it so much re-listen value but even without that the melodies and compositions get me right in the chest wanting more and wishing i had the ability to write like this.       

3.) Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of The City

Not even sure what to write about this but it was a huge guilty pleasure which you know what? I’m not even guilty for! I know you’re supposed to separate the artist from the music/creation….but all of the members of this band are such awesome people that all seem so sincere and just emoting of positive vibes which projected the overall feel I got from this record. Full of hooky weird noises (the goofy sax on Diane young or the squeeky zipper vocal thing on “Ya Hey”) and interesting percussion with beautiful melodies provide plenty of great and memorable moments on this record which have kept me picking up the needle to spin it again.

4.) Beck – Song Reader

Some may argue against this being listed as an actual listenable record….but it was released as an album so commonnnn…thats gotta qualify. I think the concept behind this was brilliant. If you’re not familiar with it, Beck put wrote a 20 song album this year but released it EXCLUSIVELY as sheet music. The result is an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, folky, almost eerie masterpiece wide open to interpretation. Ive spent hours youtube searching “Beck – Song Reader” and listening to dozens of versions of each track. I think it really creates a beautiful connection with the music, musician, and those who are able to listen. It quite literally breathes life into the album and creates a feeling of community. Learn to read sheet music or find a friend who can and you will not be sorry.

5.) Palma Violets – 108

 From the opening track “Best Friend” I immideitely feel pumped and ready for a night out. This is a record that makes me feel like im standing elbow to elbow surrounded by sweaty punks in a dirty crusty pbr soaked house watching a band of quintessentially “best friends” go apeshit as if we are the only people who will ever here these songs.. Im a big sucker for those kinds of vibes. But even through this familiar aesthetic flooded with hooks perfect for a huge room group chant, this album still gives me feelings of sincerity which I love


1.) Schooner – Neighborhood Veins

This record hits me in a wave of warbley warmth and sucks me in for the duration. This is a beautiful creation that has such unity from track to track it feels like an album in the TRUEST sense. Jumping from finger-gun pointing knee shaking jams like “Feel Better” into drifty croons like “Still in Love” this record has all I love. It’s such a rewarding listen, especially when you listen again and pick up on all the calculated details of tasteful saxaphone, sparkling piano, and heartstring slide guitar. When you finish this album you have to blink a few times and remember where you are.

2.) Blanko Basnet – Blanko Basnet

I have a problem with this band that I need to confess….I am not able to dance to it. But its not because it isn’t groovy….because oh sweet yes it is….its just every time I listen or watch them live I am left in a trance by Frontman and main guitarist, Joe Hall’s, spider fingers stretching to unhuman lengths up and down the fretboard taking wonderful chords that most likely arent in very many musician’s vocabulary and creating a jazzy poppy dreamy jammable record held together by thick fuzzed steady bass that will play on repeat in my guitar till it disintegrates  DID I MENTION THE BUTTERY DELIVERY OF THOSE SWEET VOCALS!? 

3.) Free Clinic – Free Clinic

When you meet Ben, Wes, Quinn, and Morgan of Free Clinic its almost strange to picture such a detailed record to come from the high and welcomed energy of these dudes (and dudette). Their self titled release is beautifully padded with harmonies and shaky-chorus-soaked guitars that swirl around your body endlessly. You play this album a few times with your friends and next thing you know you all are singing along diveying up who sings what part, what harmony, what “ooh” and what “ahh”. These 10 tracks feel like the sequential score of a summer romance or maybe the soundtrack to 10 different nights out. And as the final song croons into a fade out you can imagine credits rolling in front of you and feel the grin spread across your face as you cant wait to share this record with everyone you know

4.) Estrangers – Season of 1000 Colors

As soon as you hear the opening snap of “Cape Fear” you can feel your eyes begin to dilate as you get sucked into a swirl of colors brought upon by the warbles of splashing sound and spiraling vocal melody. This remains consistent throughout the duration of all 12 tracks.There is a lot of texture to this album and although this poppy gem came out in june of this year, it definitely has a “keep you warm” feel that will last many replays through the winter and future seasons.

5.) Naked Naps – Naked Nap Demos

Catie Yerkes is one hell of a lyricist and can out talk you about any 90’s midwestern noodely emo band you could dare throw at her. Between running one of Raleigh’s quickley esclating top hangouts and crucial community culture point, she fronts two piece outfit slinging unapologetic broken chord whines in your face. While these are only demos….there is no doubt from me that 2014 can see a full solid quality release from them. Very refreshing and honest.