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Carolina Grown Podcast: Jan. 3 w/ Six String Drag


For the second hour of our first show in 2014 I was joined by the iconic alt-country act Six String Drag. In the late 90s Six String Drag was taking the scene by the horns and delivering a sweltering dose of all-out good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll. It’s been over a decade since the band broke up and moved on to other projects, Kenny Roby has led a successful solo career while Dave Wright has dabbled in acts like The Countdown Quartet and Bone Slinger and Rob Keller forayed into bluegrass territory with The Welfare Liners. Since their breakup the group has only performed together twice, but on Jan. 4 they made their long awaited return to the Triangle after nearly 8 years at The Pour House.

I had most of the original members in-studio to talk a bit about how this reunion came together and exactly where they’ll go from here. As it turns out Roby has been storing up some songs that feel quite similar to Six String Drag, and while he hasn’t specifically stated that it’s going to turn into another Six String Drag album…the band is certainly all here. Throughout the hour we cover the looming question on everyone’s mind (more music?!), run down what the band has been doing since their break up, speak of the preparation for the show and hear a slew of in-studio performances from their marquee album High Hat. The band even played a tune that may end up on their new recordings! 

Listen to the entire session.