New Album Review

New Daytime Music

Love Inks //  Generation Club

Love Inks is driven by the dark and dreamy vocals of Sherry Leblanc. On top of that, the addition of catchy beats makes “Generation Club” an album that is very promising and full of potential.


Luray // The Wilder

Heavy in the banjo/folk roots with a bit of country twang, Luray puts herself up there with likes of a lots of female folk groups. Full of talent and potential, The Wilder is overall an impressive album


Gambles // Trust

This album has a slower folky feel to it, which I really dig. Matthew Daniel Siskin is very personal on this album and is able to captivate listeners through his beautiful vocals and lyrics.


Teen Daze // Glacier

Not sure why Teen Daze limits their vocals so much, but the track below is the only track on the album with words. The rest is simply calming and relaxing synths. The album is very hypnotizing, but I feel like Teen Daze has a lot more potential then they think.


Garage Voice // Amenin

Somehow combining garage rock with gospel music, Garage Voice is able to create a very unique sound of their own. With a fuzzy bass and church organs, Amenin is quite a different, but good album