Concert Review

Period Required, But No Sign of Full Stop

I met with Adult. (the period is required) in a cozy, backstage room at Kings Barcade no bigger than a broom closet after watching them sound check. The Detroit-based duo were some of the friendliest people I met at the festival, and perhaps the most insightful. You see, they’re no newcomers; they’ve been putting out records since the 90’s, and with that time they’ve encountered a broad range of experiences, challenges, and knowledge. In my interview, they shared some of their experiences with me, both good and bad, and how they affected them as artists and as people. I went to their performance later that night and was blown away by how they captivated the audience. For Adult., music is more than just a paycheck or putting on a show, it’s a genuine passion for the art of music, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Check out the audio clip of our interview for more!