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EOT84 NCSU Memes 2/21/12

The Deficit – It seems that lately nothing in government can get done without a discussion about the deficit.  But what does all the rhetoric actually mean?  Here’s Will with a report.

Secular Student Alliance – NC State is an enormous school with many different kinds of thoughts and beliefs on campus.  Mark recently sat down with members of the Secular Student Alliance to delve a little bit into what exactly they do or do not believe.

NCSU Memes –  If you have a Facebook and you currently attend NC State, you’ve probably seen them: the funny pictures with funny captions detailing some aspect of life on campus.  But how did these NCSU memes pop up overnight?  Our new contributor Grant is here to shed some light on this latest phenomenon.

Long Distance Relationships – Deondre’ has some thoughts about something he has personal experience with.  Anyone who’s ever been in a long distance relationship might be able to relate to this piece.

GOP Family Feud – Many people today liken the current GOP primary race to something of a circus, or a game show.  Mark believes they are the same in everything but name.

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