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EOT82 Vote Against 2/7/12

Vote Against/Amendment 1 – California is not the only state currently trying to make same sex marriage unconstitutional.  Amendment one would make same sex marriage unconstitutional right here in North Carolina. We bring you a discussion with two members of the Vote Against project to find out a little more about this controversial bill.

Darwin Day – Ever since Charles Darwin first proposed his theory of evolution over fifty years ago, this historical figure has been shrouded in controversy.  As Darwin Day approaches, Mark Herring has some thoughts.

Slow Down – Ever feel overwhelmed by the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world?  Our new contributor Deondre’ does, and he’s here to remind us that sometimes we just have to slow down.

Afghanistan – In today’s sound bite culture, the politics of war often supercede the more human aspect.  Here to bring us the more personal, human centered paradigm is Mark Herring.

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