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The Local Beat Recap 1/13/12

Last Friday, Jan. 13, on The Local Beat we had two very special guests join us. At 5 p.m. the Kickin’ Grass Band popped in for the first time in about a year to promote their 10th Anniversary Show at the Carolina Theatre┬áthe following night. There were plenty of laughs and anecdotes as the band shared stories with us from the past 10 years. Take a listen below:

Kickin Grass Band 1/13/12

At 6 p.m. the quartet from Monoslang joined the program to discuss the group’s new self-titled EP. The band has only been together in this lineup for six weeks and in that time they booked a show at Kings Barcade, recorded a 3-song EP and released it. Quite a busy six weeks! Listen to the interview below to hear their story:

Monoslang 1/13/12