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Best of the Best of the Local Beat 7/27/12

For the entire month of July on “The Local Beat” we have been looking back at some of our favorite interviews from the past. So far we have entertained you with interviews from Bombadil, Mount Moriah, Mandolin Orange, Magnolia Collective, Kooley High, Kleptonaut, Birds and Arrows, The Gathering Church, and Phil Cook & His Feat. Friday, July 27 is the final episode in this “Best of the Local Beat” series and we are rounding off with some of the best interviews we have to offer. In fact, these three might be my favorite of all time. We are calling them the “Best of the Best of the Local Beat.”

Mike Roy came in on September 30, 2011 to chat about his album, “Mike and Eileen Chapter One.” What unfolded was a full hour of one of the most memorable and colorful conversations ever to happen on WKNC. Mike opened up and told us about how his faltering marriage inspired an incredible album and ended triumphantly with redemption in the end. Without giving away to much it might be my favorite interview ever on “The Local Beat.” This interview begins at 5 p.m.

For the 6 o’clock hour I am revisiting a band I have had recently on the program, GROHG, who joined me just a few months back to discuss the release of their new EP “Culture of Petty Thieves.” However, before the EP bandmates Will Goodyear and Mark Connor joined me on October 28 to discuss the conception of the band and promote their first show ever. What ended up happening instead was a complete schooling on the art of the broad genre known as “metal” which ended my ignorant take on the music. The conversation with Will and Mark was enlightening to say the least and I am proud to re-air this interview for you all.

The final interview of the evening, and the final Best of the Local Beat, is none other than old time friends the Kickin Grass Band who dropped by on January 13, 2011 to promote their 10 year anniversary and the show they were playing in support of their success. The KGB band is one of my favorites in the area and they shared some delightful and entertaining stories with us from the past 10 years and played some amazing live tunes in the studio. In addition, since the interview happened they were awarded by the Carolina Music Awards for the “Best Bluegrass and Americana.” Be on the lookout for their new album, “Walk With Me.”

I hope you enjoy these interviews tonight, they are some that I will always cherish. I also hope you have appreciated the last month of  “The Best of the Local Beat” series and will join me next week to begin live broadcast in studio once again to create some new memories.

As always, the fun starts at 5 p.m. and will last until 8 p.m.! Be sure to follow the Local Beat on Twitter or Facebook and download tons of free local music on our ReverbNation page!

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The Local Beat Recap 1/13/12

Last Friday, Jan. 13, on The Local Beat we had two very special guests join us. At 5 p.m. the Kickin’ Grass Band popped in for the first time in about a year to promote their 10th Anniversary Show at the Carolina Theatre the following night. There were plenty of laughs and anecdotes as the band shared stories with us from the past 10 years. Take a listen below:

Kickin Grass Band 1/13/12

At 6 p.m. the quartet from Monoslang joined the program to discuss the group’s new self-titled EP. The band has only been together in this lineup for six weeks and in that time they booked a show at Kings Barcade, recorded a 3-song EP and released it. Quite a busy six weeks! Listen to the interview below to hear their story:

Monoslang 1/13/12

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Local Beat Preview, 1/13/12

The Local Beat is back this week with the first of many guests in 2012.

At 5 p.m. long-time regulars on the program, the Kickin’ Grass Band, will be back in studio. KGB has been hard at work for the past year travelling and touring across our great nation but are finally playing another show in our area tomorrow night. It is a special event as well; the band has officially been together for 10 years and this will be the “Ten Year Anniversary Show.” The concert is tomorrow night in Durham’s Carolina Theatre with the Apple Hill Cloggers and other special guests. Tickets are $15 and available at  and,  by phone at (919) 560-3030 or toll free (888) 241-8162, or at the Carolina Theatre box office. The band will be playing live in studio as usual and I will be asking them to share some stories from the past 10 years.

At 6 p.m. we will be welcoming in a new band to The Local Beat, one that has been creating quite a bit of publicity recently. Monoslang, a new group from Raleigh, will be showing up to chat about their new self titled EP which is slated to be released tomorrow night at Kings Barcade in downtown Raleigh. Monoslang is made up of four area musicians who mic trip-hop, post-rock, and indie together to form a very unique sound. I will talk with the group about their history and sound and listen to some of the new tunes off of the EP.

Sample band press kits

Minor Stars and No Eyes are also playing the show which will cost $5 and start at 10 p.m.

As always, the fun starts at 5 p.m. and will last until 8 p.m.! Be sure to follow the Local Beat on Twitter or Facebook and download tons of free local music on our ReverbNation page!


Concert Review

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings Bring Melancholy Folk to NCMA

Wow. Take all your expectations of Gillian Welch’s mournful voice and David Rawlings’s flawless guitar riffs from your favorite albums, whether it be the most recent The Harrow and the Harvest or the now 14 year-old Revival, and sum them all into one balmy evening. If you add a bit more guitar and bit more emotion, as well as interjections from Gillian and David, you just might have what we had the pleasure of experiencing August 3 at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Fans from all walks of life were pleased– old fans who had been with Gil since the beginning, or new hip 20-somethings who heard them on NPR. There were children with mothers, falling asleep to the lullaby sounds of slower numbers, and curly-topped youngsters bouncing to the banjo lines, and of course, the Rawlings tune “Sweet Tooth”. The brief rain couldn’t put a damper on anyone, not even Gillian and David. They were pleased with the temperature drop and claimed it wasn’t raining, just “really humid”. The rain brought more people to the front, some to dance, others to take cover in the overhang, and more still just to get closer to their folk idols. As a huge Gillian Welch fan, this was probably one of the best shows I’ve been to so far this year. Local artists came out, surely paying homage to one of their influences– I think I saw some members from Kickin’ Grass Band, Mandolin Orange, and Midtown Dickens.

Gillian and David get the award for mixing the new and the old impeccably. The crowd was especially pleased with “Red Clay Halo”, “Caleb Meyer”, and of course, “Orphan Girl” was requested at least a dozen times (though, notably, not performed). As an Ohio native, one of my favorites was “Look at Miss Ohio,” closely followed by one of the encores “Six White Horses”. Their minimalist sound and traditional instrumentation was perfect for this North Carolinian show, providing a sense of belonging when playing “Tear my Stillhouse Down”.

I will admit that I probably cried at least twice during the show, enjoying Welch’s melancholy melodies and bittersweet harmonies of Rawlings. I wanted to quit looking like such a wuss  so I started focusing on the precision of David’s guitar. Then I got caught in a predicament– whether to focus on the guitar or the vocals. I was soon comforted by a fellow DJ’s insight; Gillian’s voice and David’s guitar complete each other. Awww.

This was the third of four shows I plan on attending at the North Carolina Museum of Art this summer; the line up has been so amazing. Check out blogs about Bela Fleck, Lucinda Williams, and soon to come, The Carolina Chocolate Drops.  As always, if you’re looking for the best in Americana, tune in to Americana, Blues, and Company every Saturday from 10-noon.

Music News and Interviews

Giveaways for week of January 24

Giveaways are a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. You get to listen to the great tunes at WKNC, the DJs get to talk to you (we LOVE calls)  and you can win tickets to some awesome shows! Win, Win, Win situation.

This week, you could win tickets (you +1) to:

1/27: Alejandro Escoveda at Cat’s Cradle

1/28: American Aquarium at King’s

1/28: Robbie Fulks Duo at Casbah

1/29: American Aquarium at King’s

1/29: Best Coast at Cat’s Cradle

Best Coast

1/29: Kickin’ Grass Band at The Pour House

Just be the correct caller when the DJ asks for it, and you could win!

Tune in to WKNC online or 88.1FM on your dial!

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Local Beat recap 2/26/10

Because of WKNC broadcasting NC State Baseball once more this Spring, last Friday was the last live airing of the Local Beat for an entire month.  Nevertheless, it was a good one with three hours of some solid local music interviews.

Traffic on I-40 was terrible as Chapel Hill group Feeding the Fire got caught up and came in 25 minutes late.  However, when they finally did arrive we had a lot to talk about since they are releasing their first full length album since becoming a band back in 2003, titled DisInfoNation.  We talked about the writing and recording of the album, as well as the operation of their own record label, Own Life Records, and the album artwork of DisInfoNation.  The album release party is this Thursday evening at the Local 506 with fellow locals Big Fat Gap and the Rocket Surgeons.  Check out the interview below:
Feeding the Fire Live on the Local Beat 2/26/10

stand alone player


At 6 p.m. Wendy Spitzer came in to promote her debut full length album from Felix Obelix, A Tick of the Clock, A Beat in the Chest, which was released at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill Saturday night.  The concert featured The Strugglers and a really interesting writing activity in which you write a letter to yourself eight months from now.  That led to interesting conversation about her past projects that include a Time Capsule as well as a “Biggest Regret/ Best Decision” project from last year.  Wendy and I also mused on her unique singing style as well as the very different musical instruments in her band.  Take a listen:
Felix Obelix on the Local Beat 2/26/10

The Kickin Grass Band joined me for the last hour of the show to promote some of their upcoming shows and play some live tunes.  Our conversation ranged anywhere from organic farming, to Lynda’s songwriting, and back to eating cats.  It was definitely an interesting hour.  All songs they played live are available for free download on the Local Beat ReverbNation page and you can listen to them in the music player to the right.  Below is the entire interview and some videos from the KGB in studio:
Kickin Grass Band Live on the Local Beat 2/26/10

Local Beat w/ Adam Kincaid: Kickin Grass Band “Lay Him in the Ground (Live)” from Wolf TV on Vimeo.
As I mentioned, this is possibly the last live Local Beat for the next month.  However, be on the lookout for more Local Beat Mini Exclusives!

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Local Beat preview 2/26/10

Sorry for the delay in this post, but a couple of tests had me bogged down this week. I promise not to carry that into tonight on the Local Beat which will be one hell of a show as we have three hours of awesome Local Music.

iTunes sell music

At 5 p.m. Chapel Hill band Feeding the Fire is coming in to chat about their new album, titled DisInfoNation, that is being released next Thursday, February 4, at the Local 506. Playing alongside them will be Rocket Surgeon and Big Fat Gap.

At 6 p.m., local favorite Wendy Spitzer is joining me to chat about her new release as well, from Felix Obelix, called The Tick of the Clock, the Beat in the Chest. Last time we had Wendy in I unfortunately was taken out by H1N1 and our old friend Stevo had to fill in. Hopefully I can redeem myself tonight. Felix Obelix just recently signed with Pox World Empire who will be releasing the album. The release show is tomorrow night, Saturday February 27 at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill. The Strugglers will be opening for the $8 show (a free CD comes with the price of admission) and there is a really cool letter writing activity that Wendy and I will definitely be talking about.

At 7pm one of our favorite bluegrass bands, the Kickin Grass Band is coming in to play some live tunes and talk about some upcoming shows.

Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming Local Beat Mini Exclusive with Bla’gard who is releasing a brand new album this weekend. More on that to come!

This is also the last live Local Beat for a month as N.C. State Baseball will be taking over WKNC’s radio waves this Spring. Keep on the lookout for online material for the rest of the Spring!

New Album Review

New Local Albums on WKNC in May!

Even though May is just beginning, 2009 has proved to be one of the best musical years in the Triangle and North Carolina in my memory. As the new Local Music Director at WKNC, my mailbox has been flooded with tons of music from all around the state and our community. This blog will highlight some of the newest local material you will hear on WKNC.

BombadilTarpits & Canyonlands:
While this album is not set to release for a couple more weeks, Bombadil was kind enough to leave WKNC with a copy a little while back. Needless to say, after my first listen to Tarpits & Canyonlands, I knew this would become an instant classic in our area. After the second listen through, I grasped that it was indeed a musical masterpiece. After my eighth listen I realized it was the best album I have heard in the past six years, local or not.
This is the third release by Bombadil, a band out of Durham, North Carolina, in three years and by far their best output. Bombadil is well known for its generally upbeat folky and lyrically witty sounds, backed by instrumentation that carries the listener to a grassy field filled with barefoot serfs tipsy on bootleg mountain whiskey and rum. Or, as a review of their first album by ex-WKNC DJ Big Fat Sac more blatantly put it, “It sounds like a bunch of hobbits in Durham got together and made folk music.” Tarpits & Canyonlands does not stray far from this unique sound, but a definite sense of maturity is noticeable as compared to their 2008 release A Buzz, A Buzz. And while Bombadil delightfully keeps their catchy and original sonic personality within the music that has made them so popular, the main themes delve deeper into more serious and somber issues such as marriage, relationships, and growing old. Many songs reflect a more somber tone and feature unaccompanied harmonies unlike previous releases (such as “Reasons”, “Cold Runway”, & “Marriage”), while others retain that familiar goofiness and playful innocence of their first release (“Oto The Bear”, “Laurita”, & “Malaysia”). Even still some of the more stand out tracks such as “I Am”, “Sad Birthday”, “Needless to Say”, and “25 Daniels” offer a new glimpse into Bombadil’s creative genius.
Bombadil has certainly grown up the past three years and become one of the premiere bands to see and hear not only around these parts, but elsewhere as well. Be on the lookout for this album to receive massive attention from our DJs.

Lonnie WalkerThese Times Old Times:
Another yet to be release album has made its debut on WKNC this month. Lonnie Walker, a local favorite from Greenville has slowly been gaining in popularity as noticed by their pick in the N&O’s Great 8, and as a choice for WKNC’s own Double Barrel Benefit 6. If you have never heard their material before, picture a hardier Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks with intense vocal outbursts and crushing guitar. This is their debut release and features several new editions of songs already in WKNC rotation from their demo album. Popular tunes such as “Wider Than White,” “Summertime,” and “Pendulum’s Chest” stand out as ferociously better than their original counterparts while newbies such as “Grape Juice”. “Back Home Inside With You”, “Ships”, and my personal favorite “Crochet” make a stand as a mark of growth within their work. These Times Old Times certainly deserves the attention this band has been getting.

Roman CandleOh Tall Tree In The Ear:
It’s hard to believe this is only the second full length album by this former Chapel Hill band (now based in Tennessee) but it doesn’t miss a beat. In comparison to their first album it is remarkably similar, yet better at the same time. Oh Tall Tree In The Ear features the same poppy lyric style and musicality but manages to come off as wittier, catchier, and seemingly more developed.

American AquariumDances For The Lonely:
This album has been in rotation for a couple of weeks now but is worth mentioning. Meet Bruce Springsteen the second with even more of that down to earth heartland rock. Luckily, this is not a bad thing and tunes such as “Katherine Belle” and “Louisiana Beauty Queen” keep your foot tapping for more. Dances for the Lonely has a solid country/southern rock groove that will be a staple on WKNC for some time.

Many other new tracks you will hear on WKNC this May include some older tunes that were either overlooked or not brought to our previous attention.  These include:
AminalA Face To Fight
AminalA Will To Fight
Brett HarrisSide Two EP
Brett HarrisYesterdays News
ConnellsDarker Days (yes, this album is from 1985, but it completely kicks ass!)
Kickin Grass BandThe Kickin Grass Band
Lemming MalloyThe Return Of The Norfolk Regiment
Luego WKNC Sexclusive Pre-Sampler
Our Velvet RevolutionOur Velvet Revolution EP
Stars ExplodeThe Stars Explode
Water CallersSpringboard
Waumiss- Waumiss LP

And More!