Reflections on a Winter 2011 Playlist


Let me start by saying I had no intention of creating a definitive, all-encompassing Winter 2011 playlist. A feat like that should be left only to the people who can spend all of their hours sorting through thousands of albums, identifying the standouts, and only then would they be able to define what they believe a Winter 2011 playlist should consist of.

Knowing that my capacity as a human to waste away my days listening to music is limited, I instead turned to a modest sum of tracks that embody what I would describe as making for a pretty good Winter playlist that consist of songs released in 2011.

The problem for every individual’s list is that it means something unique or holds a special attribute to them, and I am no different when it came to my formula for selecting songs. For me it meant that this playlist would encapsulate a few things: some of the best tracks of the year, and those that would send off vibes for what I would describe as being that of a “winter nature.”

What exactly do I mean by something having a winter nature? It’s pretty simple. I looked for tracks that would be incredibly rewarding to listen to while trudging through the rough winter weather or those which would be pleasant to warm up to after a day filled with having to deal with the growing loss of daylight.

Either way, after limiting myself to only tracks that came out this year, I think I came up with a pretty decent set of songs to listen to for the next couple of months on those days where you feel as if the season may have gotten the best or worst of you. Is it subject to change? Absolutely, and your feedback is always welcome as to what should be added to the playlist. And I have a way to share it with everyone that has Spotify; you can open it up here and listen to the playlist.

For everyone else the current tracklist is below:

01 The Dodos- Companions
02 Chad VanGaalen- Do Not Fear
03 Future Islands- On the Water
04 The Drums- Days
05 Youth Lagoon- July
06 Bon Iver- Wash.
07 The Antlers- I Don’t Want Love
08 Atlas Sound- Te Amo
09 I Break Horses- Winter Beats
10 The Raveonettes- Recharge & Revolt
11 Deleted Scenes- Bedbedbedbedbed
12 Wye Oak- Fish
13 Wild Beasts- Deeper
14 Bombadil- Short Side of the Wall
15 Megafaun- Hope You Know
16 Fleet Foxes- Bedouin Dress
17 Real Estate- All the Same


What do you want to see on the Winter 2011 playlist? Leave your suggestions below.