Concert Review

Starfucker with Beat Connection and Alexico, 9/11

This guy seems to be a one-man band, but he has amazing sound which is enhanced by his spectacular accent (when he does sing). His highlight may have also been when he proceeded to coordinate his multiple crowd surfs to the beat of Starfucker’s encore. It was a beat drop/leap off stage and repeat coordination like I have never seen.

Beat Connection
This band had such a good vibe. They’re a good compliment to Starfucker and I’m glad that they’re touring together. I see them going places. One thing I disliked (you can agree or disagree with this if you choose), was the fact that none of them actually sang. Let me clarify: there were lyrics; there was someone singing, but it was prerecorded. It wasn’t them. I’d love to see them really get into what they’re conveying in their lyrics, but I didn’t see it because they were only looking down at their instruments silently. But hey, maybe that was what was necessary for them to achieve the spectacular musical clarity they did, because their instrumental talent is legit.

Well, I probably should have said in the beginning that this was my first trip to Cat’s Cradle. What a treat for my first experience there to be a Starfucker show. With their pop genius and passionate musical concentration they could easily fill a larger concert hall, but Cat’s Cradle’s close quarters definitely amplified the light show and crowd intensity, making it pretty hard not to jump along to Bury Us Alive with the rest of the hardcore fans. There was jovial competition between keyboardist/founder Joshua Hodges and guitarist Shawn Glassford which is always great to see in a show.

I unfortunately did not notice the feminine clothing they’re rumored to wear, but really, who can notice what they’re wearing when your eyes are squeezed shut as you pump your arm out of its socket… oh, sorry, that may have just been me. Either way this show met my highest expectations.