Concert Review

The Facts of the Matter

Primitive Ways Records presented Snake Baptist (N.C.), RBT (N.C.) and F*uck the Facts (Canada)

July 23, 2011 at Kings Barcade

Snake Baptist: These guys were a riot. Slapping people and punching holes in the wall all while playing some solid, what has be described as turboviolence. Excellent to watch, excellent to listen to; hope these dude play again soon. (I’ll snap some shots when I see them play again.)

RBT: Renegade Bong Tyrants or they could be the renegade beard tyrants (all members have impressive beards). These dudes have laid it out every time I have seen them. Awesome vocals with killer guitar, bass and drums deliver complete hardcore havoc.

The Bong Tyrants

F*ck the Facts: I have to say in the past two months I’ve never liked Canada so much. Three bands have ventured from their motherland down south to play in Raleigh this summer and F*ck the Facts was the best by far. Overflowing with the energy needed for great grindcore they blew my mind. Awesome drumming, ripping guitar and mesmerizing vocals left my ears wanting more. Basically, these guys were a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to listen to. Also, their art was done by their lead singer Mel and ruled.




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