WKNC “Dodges” the Competition

On Monday, Dec. 6, a team of WKNC  DJs competed in a dodgeball tournament put on by N.C. State’s Campus Rec.

This event began with pool play and then end in a single elimination tournament. DJs SarahNade, Mollypop, Shorty Shorts, Tommyboy, Major Tom and Bunch made the competition sweat.

The first round went to the opposing team, but WKNC came back strong in Round 2, tying with one player left on each team after two minutes. The Revolution kept improving by eliminating each of the opposing team’s players in under two minutes during Round 3, forcing a sudden death elimination with two players on each team. Tommyboy and Major Tom stepped up their game and headed the team, but sadly, we lost after a fierce curveball-to-lower abs-shot by Tommyboy.

Campus Rec will be holding different games and activities during the week to help students take some exam stress away.