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Local Beat recap 7/2/10

Sorry for taking so long to get to this recap, but the holiday weekend got me sidetracked. Last Friday on the Local Beat, we had a very entertaining show that crossed all sorts of topics.

Music press kits

The first hour of the show went to Boat Burning, a self described “hard ambient” improvisational band hailing from Chapel Hill. Ken Friedman and Andras Fekete got to the studio an hour early to begin setting up their equipment. Never before had we been able to fit in an entire drum kit, and Andras had well over a dozen pedals for his guitar, proving to be quite difficult to squeeze into our studio. Eventually, the equipment was setup, and the interview was underway.  I was curious as to how the band performs live, and we discussed in great length how their improvisation is structured and how the guys know what to do with their instruments throughout a song. Andras and Ken did their best to answer my questions, and it made for some enlightening conversation on improvisational music.  Below is their “Hard Ambience: A Manifesto” which describes the band’s SOP:

“1) Subvert the past –  past performances should not impose on the present (ie. DON’T RECORD)
2) Subvert the present – during an improvisation, when a successful moment arrives, mark it for destruction (ie. DON’T LINGER)
3) Subvert the future – avoid predefined motifs (ie. DON’T PLAN)
4) Feel it – play from the heart, or don’t play at all (ie. DON’T THINK)
5) Space is the place – silence is a contribution (ie. DON’T NOODLE)
6) Anything goes (ie. NO FEAR)”

They also played two songs for us, which we named “Searching for the Thresher” and “Jagannātha”. Andras even impressed me when he played his guitar with a screwdriver. You can listen to them in the music player up above and download them on our Local Beat ReverbNation page.
Boat Burning on the Local Beat 7/2/10

Boat Burning plays a monthly show at Fuse in Chapel Hill on the last Sunday of every month. Typically, musicians from all over the Triangle drop by and improvise along. Also, be on the lookout for a Boat Burning album coming out later in the year that features all improvised tracks.

For the second hour of the show, I was joined by Scott Klein, cofounder of Sound Around, a mobile device app builder. Scott is a recent NC State grad who, with his brother Steve, has developed a way for bands to create customizable and unique apps that their fans can download to their cell phones. Scott and I chatted about his new business and the unique features it offers to musicians. We also talked in great length about the future of mobile phone technology and its ability to allow fans and musicians to interact on a greater scale than ever before. For more info on Sound Around you can check out my previous blog here.
Scott Klein of Sound Around on the Local Beat 7/2/10

Lastly was Dave and John of Chatham County Line who came by in the last hour to promote their brand new album Wildwood, which is set to be released on July 13.  Wildwood is the band’s fifth album since becoming a group in 1999. Dave and John spent a great deal of the interview reminiscing of their local music influences over the years, and we spent some time talking about how those bands played a role in their sound.  A list of local bands and artists that the guys specifically named is on the right. You also may not realize it, but CCL is a very famous band over in Europe. Despite their humble beginnings and small fanbase in the states, these guys regularly sell out crowds across the Atlantic. Naturally, I had to ask them where that came from. All in all, it was a terrific hour of casual conversation, one which I won’t soon forget.  You can catch Chatham County Line at the Cats Cradle this coming Saturday July 10.
Chatham County Line on the Local Beat 7/2/10