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WKNC launches new music podcast

WKNC 88.1 FM announces the debut of SoundOff, a new music-related podcast from the student radio station at N.C. State University. The 40-plus minute program divides its time between dissecting a handful of music news and reviewing a new album.

“The idea for the show was clear, take some of the most interesting news articles to discuss and do one in-depth review of an album that had some real weight to it,” said the podcast’s producer Michael Jones, a freshman in history and one of WKNC’s assistant indie rock music directors. Jones hosts the show with fellow DJs Sarah Hager, a sophomore in management, and graphic design sophomore Kirsten Southwell.

“SoundOff goes beyond the brief time we talk about music during our time on the air,” Jones said. “We’re able to give people who listen to WKNC on a regular basis and those who just love the type of music we play a greater understanding of what we DJs think about some of the biggest releases.”

The first SoundOff episode discusses Modest Mouse front man Isaac Brock contributing music for a Cartoon Network show, the Libertines reunion and how The White Stripes almost didn’t release the single “Seven Nation Army.” The album review is of Matt Pond PA’s “The Dark Leaves” from Altitude Records.

“SoundOff is a great opportunity for our listeners to receive the full musical package,” Tommy Anderson, WKNC general manager and a senior in political science, said. “You get the background and commentary of an album or news story, rather than just a sound bite.”

The podcast also represents a milestone for WKNC, as it will be the station’s first program designed specifically for the Internet rather than traditional over-the-air delivery.