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WKNC chart toppers at Schoolkids Records

The next time you’re in Schoolkids Records on Hillsborough Street, be on the lookout for the current top Daytime albums played on WKNC!  Interspersed among the CD racks of Schoolkids are homemade WKNC placecards that feature thoughtfully-written reviews by staff of our top-played records.

Part of the magic of browsing the local record store is the thrill of the search: thumbing through the record collection and discovering a true gem.  We hope that by offering our picks at Schoolkids we can have a more intimate dialogue with our listeners and with other fellow music lovers and that our relationship with Schoolkids can help us to further spread our passion for the many fantastic albums we sing along and dance to.

As the weeks go by, we expect to include among our recommendations the many genres of music we play on our station including picks from our fantastic local music scene, hip hop, afterhours, chainsaw, and music from our station’s many specialty shows.  Check this blog each week for a post from our music directors about the current chart topper,  and let us know what you think!