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WKNC Deejays to run Krispy Kreme Challenge

With only a few days left before the Krispy Kreme Challenge, many of the deejays are beginning to mentally prepare for the arduous task. The benefit for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital has two physical challenges that competitors must overcome. The first is the two mile run from the NC State Bell Tower to the Krispy Kreme Store on Peace St. and then the two mile run back to the Bell Tower.

The second is the overwhelming 12doughnuts each runner must eat before returning back to the starting line, all within the hour. Over the past weeks, many deejays have been spending time outside the studio and on the track, building their frail skinny deejay bodies into lean athletic beasts. Others have taken more unconventional approaches such as avoiding physical exercise altogether and have just been binge eating. (For many this hasn’t been much of a lifestyle change.) With fighting style will win out? One can only wait to see the results this upcoming Saturday.

Now to meet the brave deejays willing to take on the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Each has selected a top playlist of songs they will wield to push them to the brink during the race.

Agent “Glazed and Confused” Orange

May “Hot and Ready” Day

DJ Audity

  • Metric – “Satellite Mind”
  • Metric– “Help, I’m Alive”
  • Cut Copy– “Hearts on Fire”

DJ Jenna

DJ Hot Tamale

DJ “Original Glazed” MICK

DJ Two “Baker’s Dozen” Sheds

ASH “Gotta Eat’em All” G.

DJ “Doughtnut Hole” Nicole

Mz “Hot-N-Now” Kelly

  • Thin Lizzy – “Cowboy”
  • Built to Spill– “Goin Against My Mind”
  • Anything from LCD Soundsystem
  • Anything from The Light Pines

DJ “Donuts and Coffee” Cioffi

DJ Riff “Ka-Tose Intolerant” Raff

DJ Special “Tasty Fingers” K

Eye on the Triangle’s own Saja “It’s Fresh” Hindi will be doing live air breaks on site during the race periodically through La Barba Rossa’s Mystery Roach show. The race is this Saturday (February 6) on Double Barrel Benefit 7 weekend. This year the challenge will boast 6,000 eager competitors. Be sure to check for the WKNC banner at the finish line this year as WKNC is partnering with the Krispy Kreme Challenge as a Silver Level Sponsor.

Be sure to listen only on 88.1FM or streaming online.