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EOT18 Krispy Kreme Challenge 2/1/10

Now that we’ve caught up on the last few blog posts – we promise to be a lot more timely from here on out – make sure to check out the blogs and podcasts from previous episodes, and get ready for some exciting new features on EOT for the rest of the semester!

There are a lot of events going on this week and throughout the weekend, so make sure to check the segments out for more info, and choose which (or all!) of these great events to attend.

News anchor Evan Garris gave listeners the top headlines for the week, with a guest appearance from Tom Anderson about an incident an N.C. State student faced during the big snowball fight at UNC. For more on these stories:
Hazardous weather outlook
Student dies in off-campus incident Friday morning
N.C. Sen. Burr has $4.3M for re-election bid
High Speed Rail to connect Charlotte, Raleigh, RTP and Washington DC
Obama proposes $3.8 trillion budget focused on jobs
82nd academy awards to feature 10 Best Picture nominees

For the video of the incident Tom was describing: Snowball fight


Correspondents Tyler Everett and Taylor Barbour gave us an analysis about the past week and week ahead.

We debuted our new segment, Evan Garris’ editorial. This week’s topic was the Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission. Here is an excerpt from Evan’s editorial:

“Until now, corporations did not have the ability to give unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. Such conduct was seen, and rightfully so, as a danger to democracy. This case was originally centered on broadcasting rights to a politically-charged documentary that vociferously criticized the 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. However, for reasons unknown, one or more of our all-seeing, all-knowing justices decided to take a more fundamental approach and focus on the "personhood” or corporate entities and whether or not their ability to finance political campaigns and advertisements is a form of free speech.“

[DISCLAIMER: Once again, Evan’s opinions do not reflect those of WKNC 88.1, Student Media or NCSU.]

This is YOUR chance to tell us how you feel! Do you agree with Evan, disagree or have a completely different view? Let us know at, and if you want, we’ll read your response on air during our next show!

I talked to organizers of the fourth annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in the studio live about preparations for the 6,000 runners this Saturday that have one goal: run from the Bell Tower to the Krispy Kreme in downtown Raleigh, eat a dozen doughnuts – and run back, all in under an hour. The challenge, which started out as a friendly competition between friends, has become a tradition that has attracted national attention to N.C. State, earning spot number 85 in Sports Illustrated’s ”102 more things you gotta do before you graduate.“ Proceeds from registration go to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.


In Arts Correspondent Kieran Moreira’s interview with Leandra Ashton and Owen Young of Aquila Theatre, the actors discussed their upcoming shows scheduled for Feb. 2 and 3 at Stewart Theatre: William Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, preparation for the two  plays and their excitement about coming to Raleigh.  “The Aquila performance approach is a technique developed by Peter Meineck that combines text and physical action based in a theory of theatrical unity. The technique is aimed to create an aesthetic environment where the performer can create and recreate a role in a consistently changing theatrical atmosphere,” according to the Web site’s history. The theater tours to about 70 cities and towns a year.

Due to the weekend’s snow storm, a buy-one-get-one-free discount is available for the shows from Arts N.C. State’s Center Stage.

Because of all the events going on this weekend, we had an extended, two-part Hear This segment this week in place of Wolfpacker of the Week, which will return next week.

For the first part, Local Beat host Adam Kincaid interviewed Hank Smith from The Hotwires about the Haiti Benefit Concert at the Pour House this Thursday, Feb. 4.

Doors open at 7 p.m., and all proceeds go to relief efforts for Haiti victims through the American Red Cross.


Double Barrel 7 Poster

For the second part of Hear This, General Manager Mike Alston joined me in the studio to talk about WKNC’s 7th annual Double Barrel Benefit Show this Friday and Saturday night!

Mike talked about the focus on local music for this year’s benefit, the amount of time and effort put into the show to make it the best it can be and the benefit of the show for the station.


And we can’t ignore this past weekend’s “Snowpocalypse.” Despite the inches of snow and ice that layer the streets and sidewalks in and around the campus, students with classes after noon slid their way to their seats, shoes caked in snow. On Monday’s Soundbytes, Correspondent Alison Harman brought you some of these brave Alpinists’ stories.

As always, e-mail us with thoughts, gripes, ideas or even compliments to and keep on nominating for Wolfpacker of the Week!

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