Concert Review

It’s always better in a Christmas sweater

Trekky Yuletide Orchestra and local friends took the stage at the Cat’s Cradle on December 15.

Last evening, DJ Nicole and DJ Cioffi, made the voyage to Chapel Hill to see some of the greatest acts take the stage to pay homage to the greatest holiday ever,  Christmas.  Hosted by the able bodied host Billy Sugarfix, we were delighted to see not only The Trekky Yuletide Orchestra, but Dexter Romweber, Stuart McLamb and Missy Thangs (of The Love Language), Des Ark, Whatever Brains, Organos, Veelee, Birds and Arrows, Mount Weather, and the last minute addition to the lineup, Lonnie Walker.

In the 4th annual Christmas at the Cradle, each band gave their interpretation of classic Christmas carols, as well as performed their own Christmas compositions. All acts were outstanding. Their songs ranged from classic ballads such as “Silent Night” performed in a distorted fashion by Lonnie Walker as well as the hilarious rendition of the holiday song, “I’m Gettin’ Nuffin’ For Christmas” which was performed by Organos. The bands’ songs Veelee covered, all featured stand-up drummers. So, for Christmas at the Cradle, Veelee’s Ginger performed standing up. The stand-up drumming was of great value and made us happy.

All in all, The Christmas at the Cradle show exceeded our expectations and filled our hearts with Christmas cheer.

Hope you will join us next year at the fifth Christmas at the Cradle.

Enjoy our pictures!