DJ Highlights

Sessions@KNC: Death to the Details

Death to the Details is part from Durham, part from Chapel Hill.  Its members play rock music.  They’d probably like you to think it’s that simple.

Realistically, guitarists Brian and Betty are almost always playing something completely different.  Justin is probably playing some really sweet riff again and again and again on the bass.  And John is always looking for new ways to use his drums as a sonic weapon, pulling the group through each track without fail.

Mike Alston and I had a blast recording these folks, as you can see below.  You’ll also see some pictures of us nearing the end of the session, doing…gasp… OVERDUBS!  Yes, this is one of the few times when we wanted just a few extra vocal tracks to thicken things up, so you will hear both Brian’s live vocals and the extra overdubbed parts stacked on top of each other in this session.  Check out the powerful doubled vocals on ‘Eternities of Fraternities’.

Our friend Matt Moore deserves a huge “thank you” for making it out to take some excellent photographs.  Hold onto your ears; this session was both played and mixed LOUD!