DJ Highlights

Local Beat preview 7/10/09

All right, we have a jam-packed Local Beat for you today (in a few short hours, actually).

At 5:00 our good friends A Rooster for the Masses will be stopping by to talk about their show for The Club Is Open Festival over at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill.  They’re playing with Red Collar, The Loners, and Rat Jackson tonight.  Talk about rocking.

At 6:00 we’re going in a slightly different direction than usual, with the band Sandbox.  Unfamiliar?  They’ll be performing in studio, as well.

And lastly, Bombadil will be joining us at the 7:00 hour to talk about their CD release listening party.  This from the band’ website:

We are thrilled to announce that Durham’s own improvisational marching band, The Scene of the Crime Rovers, will join the bill with Luego and The Tender Fruit.  We couldn’t be more excited to have them–Daniel and Bryan both played in the SOC Rovers for a little while and found them to be a true inspiration.