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Free Music + Artists Get paid $ = OMG

Full Disclosure: Mz. Kelly is a summer intern at ReverbNation where she is learning about technology, how to help artists, and continuing to love music.

With the RIAA hacking away at illegal downloaders, musicians enduring the great-unknown future of the music industry, and everyone feeling the effects of a struggling economy, creative ideas for survival are needed.  In an attempt to provide solutions to changing times, local company ReverbNation has paired with Microsoft Windows to provide an answer, and it’s called “Sponsored Songs.”

The idea is simple.  Fans get free legal downloads of songs from a surplus of bands.  Bands are paid money for every unique download of their song.  The sponsor’s brand image, or advertisement, is embedded with the song’s cover art so that it travels from listener to listener.  Each download equates to fifty cents so if you can’t go to a music show you can always support by downloading. If the program is successful it could include other sponsors in the future— anyone thinking possible Outback Steakhouse Sponsored Songs, presented by Of Montreal?

ReverbNation has provided the platform for the program.  Many local artists are included in the launch of the program (check out Jake Seaton’s list here), including WKNC favorite, Hammer No More The Fingers, who were included in the official press release.  Joe Hall, of HNMTF, said, “We’re always looking for ways to reach new fans, and the team at ReverbNation is always working hard on new and creative ways to help Artists like us succeed.  With Microsoft’s participation in the Sponsored Songs program, Artists earn money for their hard work and fans get free music.”

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