Concert Review

NIN|JA, A tour which left a hole

Trent Reznor has decided to hang up the Nails. After 20 years of touring and making music, on the twentieth anniversary of Pretty Hate Machine, Trent has decided that it is time for Nine Inch Nails to stop making music and touring. Before embarking on the aptly named, Wave Goodbye Tour, he said, “It’s time to make NIN disappear for a while. What this tour meant to me, was one last hurrah.”

The emotion and energy shown by Trent was astronomical. He, and the rest of the members of the band made it a show I will never forget. From me screaming at the top of my lungs, and dancing in my seat to songs like “Wish,” “Survialism,” and the epic closure “Head Like A Hole.” I will never forget the goosebumps I got upon hearing “The Fragile,” “Le Mer,” and the haunting but beautiful “Hurt.” It’s a sad day to see them go, but hopefully they will grace us with their presence sometime down the road with an album that will blow us away, and show us why Trent Reznor is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Until that time comes, I will always remember the show, and the pain in his voice as he sang “You can have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt.” As NIN left the stage, I was still in awe of their show and all I could do was wave goodbye.


  1. Home
  2. Somewhat Damaged
  3. Wish
  4. March of the Pigs
  5. Piggy
  6. Metal (Gary Numan cover)
  7. I’m Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie cover)
  8. Head Down
  9. Burn
  10. Gave Up
  11. La Mer
  12. The Fragile
  13. Non-Entity
  14. The Downward Spiral
  15. Survivalism
  16. Suck
  17. Hurt
  18. The Hand That Feeds
  19. Head Like A Hole (with Eric Avery)