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Local Beat preview 5/22/09

Jay Cartwright of Lemming Malloy and his marvelon, courtesy of the band’s Myspace


My my my, the hits just keep coming on the Local Beat.  If you thought DJ Stevo was gone for good, then you thought wrong.  He’s only expressing his love for the North Carolina music scene in a different way now, through his brand new label, Neckbeard Records.  And as part of the Neckbeard Records launch, they’re throwing a free show at the Local 506 on Friday night.  The lineup is Gray Young, I Was Totally Destroying It, and Lemming Malloy–who will be releasing their album on Neckbeard that night.  So some combination of Stevo, Lemming Malloy, and others will be stopping by right at 5:00 to talk about what the band and the label has been up to – and what they have in store.

Colossus rocking Local Beer Local Band, photo by TJ Appling

Then at 6:00, we’re going to switch directions completely–Colossus will be stopping in to talk about their show next Wednesday (5/27) at the Pour House.  They’ll be playing alongside Black Skies and Caltrop in what promises to be a pretty epic local metal show.  It’s not confirmed yet, but Caltrop may be joining them.  It remains to be seen.  What is certain, though, is that we’ll be having a good time and getting to know our favorite bands a little better.  And baseball is over, so we get the full 3 hours again!  Be sure to tune in at 5:00 at 88.1 FM or