Non-Music News

WKNC Back on the Net! & Some Other Words

Last Night around 10pm WKNC’s web server bottomed out and took a nose dive off of the cliff of life, no doubt due to an ecstasy overload caused by our Local Music Invasion.  WKNC webmaster DJ Bridges, our engineer Austin,  & Local Music Czar DJ Stevo spent the entire night resuscitating the website back to life in a miracle intensive care recovery.  If these fellows revive themselves in time to make it to the Double Barrel Benefit, please buy them a beer, bake them a cake, or give them a medal or something.  Bridges is still wandering the hallways in a haze, Im trying to send him home.

Because of our web problems, all blog posts from the last 2 days have been lost.  This means our DBB features on Birds of Avalon, Bowerbirds & Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, as well as several album reviews and promotional posts are no longer available.  There is not a definite timeline on getting these back up, but we will most certainly try, especially the DBB Features, which all of those bands more than deserve for playing at this years event.

In the meantime, if you have not been paying attention (or didn’t read the blog that has since been deleted), yesterday & today on WKNC we will be airing ONLY local music through our airwaves to get everyone pumped for this years Double Barrel Benefit.  Its called the Local Music Invasion.  100% local music on Thursday’s Daytime is going to carry over until today as we will air North Carolina tunes all the way through the Local Beat which ends at 8pm.

Then, beginning at 8pm, we will begin live broadcasting from the Pour House and will air the entire first night of Double Barrel Benefit in its entirety.  A live benefit show coming through our airwaves, nothing is better than that!

However, this will trump Friday Night Request Rock & Chainsaw this evening, but fear not, those shows will resume broadcasting once again next week.