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My name is DJ Possessed and I am the most recent addition to the Chainsaw staff. 

For several centuries I was laid to rest... but now I have risen from my tomb to bring you the most evil tunes ever heard. I was conceived in blasphemous hellfire, put on this Earth to entertain the radio-related desires of you pitiless mortals. I answer to the moongoat's call every time I enter the station, pulling requests from the depths of the cavernous, blackened music collection chamber.

My obsessions include: death/black/thrash metal (or any mix of the 3!), grindcore, powerviolence, hardcore punk, etc. My DJ name comes from the godfathers of death metal, Possessed!

Tune in 12-2 AM every infernal Friday morning to hear the tunes that Lucretia and I have lined up for you dudes. Requests are very much appreciated!


WKNC 88.1 FM is student-run non-commercial radio from N.C. State University. We pride ourselves on our alternative programming of indie rock, electronic, metal and underground hip-hop and have been consistently named among the best in the Triangle by Independent Weekly. Boasting 25,000 watts, WKNC can be heard throughout the Triangle and far beyond via our webcast. Our aim is to provide NCSU students with the knowledge needed for a career in the broadcast industry and listeners with music that doesn't suck.

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