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Doug Chaos

Welcome cyber-freaks, busybodies, and lookiloos!  Thanks for stopping by.  Unfortunately, this web page contains no pornography, so you've probably arrived here by mistake.  But since you've come this far, might as well continue reading.  There's a great surprise at the end.

On the Air:  Saturdays 7-8pm (Shut the Punk Up)


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Courtesy of the inmates at Harnett Correctional Institution

• 1 tub (4 oz) jalapeno cheese dip
• 1 package flour tortillas
• 2 packages instant beef picante ramen noodles
• 2 packages instant refried beans and rice OR chili with beans
• 1 (4 oz) summer sausage
• 1 small trash bag
• 2 plastic mixing bowls with lids

Cut up summer sausage into small bits and microwave until nice and GREASY. Set aside.
Mix noodles with enough water to cover in one bowl.  Mix beans ‘n rice with enough water to cover in a second bowl.  Microwave until boiling, and then set aside 5 minutes to thicken.
Combine noodles, beans ‘n rice, and sausage in trash bag.  Add cheese dip.  Knead in trash bag to mix.
Layer 4 tortilla shells between sheets of deli paper, then microwave shells to soften.
Using empty cheese cup, scoop out filling from trash bag and wrap in tortillas.
Garnish with crushed nacho cheese tortilla chips if available.
Warning: Only use ingredients bought at the canteen.  Do not attempt to sneak ingredients out of the prison kitchen, or you get sent to “The Hole” for 20 days.

[Note from Doug: I’m not sure what “The Hole” is, but I have two guesses.  I hope it’s the first one.]


  • My favorite type of fat is trans fat, followed by saturated fat, then polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and finally, regular unsaturated fat.
  • I eat gummy bears one at a time, because if I eat two of them together, it's like they're doin' it in my mouth.
  • "Non-toxic" is not the same thing as "should eat". Damn you Play-Doh with your stupid delicious colors.
  • The best animal is a cow.  Delicious.  Fun to pet.  Gives us milk.  Fuzzy ears.  Can YOU think of a better animal?


So there isn't really anything great at the bottom of this web page.  Life is full of disappointments.  My first big disappointment was realizing that high school was not at all like Saved By The Bell.  That's the only time TV has ever lied to me though.

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