Double Barrel Benefit

Double Barrel Benefit (2004-present)

Double Barrel Benefit is WKNC's signature event. Since Double Barrel Benefit's humble beginnings in 2004, the annual two-night concert event has presented numerous incredible North Carolina acts, including The Mountain Goats, Future Islands, Spider Bags, Annuals and Megafaun. With the generosity of the bands who donated their time and talent, the venues who hosted us, the staff who planned it all, the sponsors who donated money and goods/services, and of course all who attended, WKNC has raised almost $80,000 through the event.

Name Date Location Night 1 performers Night 2 performers
Double Barrel January 16-17, 2004 Kings Barcade Proof, The Greatest Hits, The Cartridge Family, The Pink Slips, Schooner The Kickass, The Dynamite Brothers, Strange, Shadow of a Great Name, Sedona
Double Barrel 2 January 14-15, 2005 Kings Barcade Kapow! Music, TV Knife, We vs The Shark, El Boa, All Astronauts American Aquarium, Monsonia, The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, The Talk, The Fashion Brigade
Double Barrel 3 February 3-4, 2006 Kings Barcade The Capulets, DeYarmond Edison, TV Knife, The Dynamite Brothers A Rooster for the Masses, Cinemechanica, We vs The Shark, The Trousers
Double Barrel 4 February 2-3, 2007 Kings Barcade The Mountain Goats, The Old Ceremony, The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, Megafaun Future Islands, TigerBearWolf, Annuals, The Nein
Double Barrel 5 February 1-2, 2008 The Pour House Annuals, The Never, The Future Kings of Nowhere, North Elementary Red Collar, Fin Fang Foom, Sorry About Dresden, Tooth
Double Barrel 6 February 6-7, 2009 The Pour House Bowerbirds, Schooner, Lost in the Trees, Lonnie Walker Polvo, Birds of Avalon, Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies, I Was Totally Destroying It
Double Barrel 7 February 5-6, 2010 The Pour House Max Indian, Bellafea, Veelee, The Light Pines Roman Candle, Spider Bags, Midtown Dickens, The Tender Fruit
Double Barrel 8 February 4-5, 2011 Kings Barcade The Old Ceremony, Bright Young Things, Luego, Cassis Orange Hammer No More The Fingers, Yardwork, King Mez, HaLo, Kid Future
Double Barrel 9 February 3-4, 2012 The Pour House The Future Kings of Nowhere, Birds and Arrows, Organos, MAKE The Kingsbury Manx, Gross Ghost, Naked Gods, Heads on Sticks
Double Barrel 10 February 1-2, 2013 The Pour House J Kutchma and the Five Fifths, Lilac Shadows, Jenny Besetzt, The Lollipops Spider Bags, Wesley Wolfe, Some Army, Oulipo
Double Barrel 11 February 7 & 14, 2014 Cat's Cradle & Lincoln Theatre The Love Language, Hammer No More The Fingers, T0W3RS, GHOSTT BLLONDE Mount Moriah, Bombadil, Loamlands, Daniel Bachman
Double Barrel 12 February 7 & 14, 2015 Lincoln Theatre & Cat's Cradle Spider Bags, Lonnie Walker, Mac McCaughan, No Love Eternal Summers, Elvis Depressedly, Museum Mouth, Body Games
Double Barrel 13 February 13 & 20, 2016 Kings Barcade & Cat's Cradle Des Ark, Schooner, Museum Mouth, Naked Naps Deniro Farrar, Professor Toon, SkyBlew, Earthly
Double Barrel 14 February 24 & 25, 2016 Kings DJ Paypal, Ace Henderson, ZenSoFly, Sand Pact Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, See Gulls, Astro Cowboy, Infinity Crush
Double Barrel 15 February 2 & 3, 2017 Kings Well$, Diaspoura, Jooselord Magnus, RGB The Future Kings of Nowhere, Pie Face Girls, The Muslims, Drugcharge