October 2020 Sample Platter

Back by popular demand, here is my sample platter for October 2020: a delicious spread of samples used in hip-hop and beyond!

  1. Amen Brother by The Winstons: The “Amen” break is one of the most heavily sampled drum breaks in the history of sampling, and not just in hip-hop. It appears frequently in drum and bass mixes as well.
  2. Footsteps in the Dark, Pts. 1 & 2 by The Isley Brothers: With a career spanning more than five decades, the Isley Brothers are no strangers to sampling. “Footsteps in the Dark” is perhaps their most popular sample, with Ice Cube flipping it on “It Was a Good Day” and Thundercat with “Them Changes”.
  3. Bound by The Ponderosa Twins Plus One: Kanye has a knack for finding loops, making minimal changes to them, and still making a great beat. This is exactly what he did with “Bound 2”, which samples “Bound”.
  4. Prison Song by Carlton Williams: A sample of this song reached the masses thanks to Metro Boomin, who flipped it for Future’s 2017 Mask Off.
  5. Mystic Brew by Ronnie Foster: This song was first sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on their track “Electric Relaxation”. In 2013, J. Cole sampled it in “Forbidden Fruit”, and then he reversed that track to create the beat for “Neighbors”.
  6. Outstanding by The Gap Band: An interpolation of this classic appeared on Tyler, the Creator’s 2017 album Flower Boy via the song “911”.
  7. Use Me by Bill Withers: Like the Amen break, the drum break on this song has been sampled dozens of times, by the likes of Kendrick, Logic, Nas, and Drake.
  8. As Long As I’ve Got You by The Charmels: The opening piano riff of this song is instantly recognizable if you’ve heard “C.R.E.A.M” by The Wu-Tang Clan, which loops it on repeat.

– DJ Mango


Restful Tunes Playlist

Written By Miranda

The perfect playlist for an autumn or winter day for relaxing. Think dark academia, the Twilight series, or a Michael Gondry film. Plenty of light instrumentals to melancholic tracks for you to enjoy. Listen here.

  1. Vote by The Submarines
  2. Box of Rain by Grateful Dead
  3. Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes
  4. Possibility by Lykke Li
  5. You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are by Keaton Henson
  6. To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens
  7. Don’t Swim by Keaton Henson
  8. Soon We’ll Be Found by Sia
  9. Master of None by Beach House
  10. 505 by Arctic Monkeys
  11. China Doll by Grateful Dead
  12. The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel
  13. Needle In The Hay by Elliott Smith
  14. Chicago (acoustic version) by Sufjan Stevens
  15. Rosyln by Midnite String Quartet
  16. Holocene by Bon Iver
  17. John My Beloved by Sufjan Stevens
  18. The Owl And The Tanager by Sufjan Stevens
  19. River by Joni Mitchell
  20. Springfield by Sufjan Stevens
  21. Asleep by The Smiths
  22. Blue Bucket of Gold by Sufjan Stevens
  23. Little Green by Joni Mitchell
  24. Cementality by King Krule
  25. Space Song by Beach House

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Libra season is in full effect (along with midterms) and with that said, here is a playlist of songs that got me through the past week.

  1. Guilty by Lady Wray: Lady Wray, f.k.a Nicole Wray, has reinvented herself as a seasoned soul veteran, and “Guilty” is a testament to just that. Check out my spotlight on her right here!
  2. With A Smile by Gabriel Garzón-Montano: A highlight from GGM’s new album Agüita, one of my most anticipated releases of the past few months. I especially love the outro’s use of acoustic guitar, harp, and vocal harmonies. Look out for my review on the full album!
  3. Ronnie Drake (feat. SZA) by Isaiah Rashad: Rashad’s debut, Cilvia Demo, proved that he could hold his own against his TDE labelmates like Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q. “Ronnie Drake” serves as the perfect example of why. Check out my review of the album here!
  4. Interlude (That’s Love) by Chance the Rapper: Chance’s Acid Rap is the mixtape that got me into hip-hop music. “Interlude (That’s Love)” is a lovely ballad about love that features Chano’s one-of-a-kind storytelling – be sure to check out my review of Acid Rap here!
  5. ‘96 Neve Campell (feat. Cam & China) by clipping.: Just in time for spooky season, the title of this track is a reference to Neve Campbell’s “final girl” character in the 1996 film Scream. With their verses, Cam and China prove that a masked killer is no match for them.
  6. Holden by Mista Lyrical: Representing Greensboro, “Holden” chronicles Mista Lyrical’s adolescence in the city’s south side. Check it out!
  7. feel away (feat. James Blake & Mount Kimbie) by slowthai: Tyron dedicated this new track to his late brother who died at a young age. The song is accompanied with an incredible video – check it out here!
  8. RASCAL (feat. Young Thug) by RMR: RMR appeared on the scene back in February of this year with his debut single “RASCAL”, a country/rap cover of the Rascal Flatt’s “Bless the Broken Road”. This remix features a poignant verse from Thugger that compliments RMR’s auto-tune crooning.

DJ Butter’s Heavy Rotation Playlist

Ever wonder what a WKNC DJ listens to when they’re not in the station? A lot of my music isn’t quite 88.1 worthy due to it being too well known, too old, or having way too many curse words to bleep out. If you’re like me, your music taste lacks any sense of consistency or organization, so this playlist is truly an “eclectic” mishmash of songs that are true masterpieces regardless of genre, artist, or decade.

If your curious about some gems that couldn’t make the radio cut (but are still absolutely fantastic), here are some key songs I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past couple weeks:

  • Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Session) – Led Zeppelin
    This fall, I’ve been obsessed with Led Zeppelin. It is an unexplainable obsession, but an obsession nonetheless. This song, from their 1969 BBC Session, is a playful testimony to how well they can cover the blues.
  • Since Way Back (feat, PARTYNEXTDOOR) – Drake
    PARTY and Drake will always be an unstoppable Canadian duo, but this swoony track off “More Life” really outstrips the rest in my humble opinion.
  • Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    How could I forget Neil Young? This song is such a lovely little track that reminds me of groupie life in the 70s. Though his voice has never been my favorite, somehow Neil Young’s music always makes me feel good.
  • coordinate – Travis Scott
    Travis has so many bangers that it’s impossible not to have at least one on my heavy rotation playlist. This song, off “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” is possibly one of my favorite rap songs of all time.
  • (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters will always have a special place in my heart. The blues is one of my favorite genres, and in my eyes, he is still the reigning king.
  • Feel It – 21 Savage & Metro Boomin
    Another great dark rap song, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin make an unstoppable team. I’m excited to listen to their newest album together, “Savage Mode II.”
  • Kind of Woman – Stevie Nicks
    Where would this playlist be without featuring the queen of witchcraft herself? This song is an absolute gem and speaks to the brilliancy of her solo work.
  • Love or Confusion – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    If you decide to only listen to one Jimi Hendrix song in your entire life, let it be this one. The lyrics are fantastic and really show how the guitar god himself can be as poetic as he is metal.
  • The Birds, Pt. 2 – The Weeknd
    While The Weeknd’s new music isn’t exactly to my taste, “Trilogy” is a beautiful, woozy album filled with ballads that show off Abel Tesfaye’s true talent. This song is a deep cut that I’ve always appreciated.
  • 12.38 (feat. 21 Savage, Ink & Kadhja Bonet) – Childish Gambino
    Last but not least, we have my FAVORITE song off “3.15.20.” This track got me through the beginning of quarantine and continues to be on heavy repeat for me. 21 Savage’s part is simply divine.

– DJ Butter


Chip’s Picks to Get You into the ~Fall Mood~

It’s that time again, folks. Grab your scarf and sweater, get cozy around a fire, and get ready for the fall vibes to roll on in. In my opinion, fall is probably the most universally shared vibes throughout any time of the year. Everyone has their own memories associated with the different seasons. For me, winter is just the worst, spring is a time of rebirth and a finish line for the school year, and summer is always characterized by the summer camp I work at. However, when you ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of these times of year, I’m sure they are bound to have different answers. But if you were to look into the mind of a majority of people when they think about fall, you would see the state fair, football games, flannel clothing, falling leaves, campfires, and Halloween. This time of the year has the most universally shared ideas of what it should be like. And since it has such a common theme, then there must be a set of certain songs that are undoubtedly associated with this season. So finally, I would like to present to you, in no particular order, my list of songs that remind me of walking through the woods on a chilly October day while wearing flannel as my boots crunch the fallen leaves and the smell of a fire graces my senses. 

  • Touch of Grey- The Grateful Dead 
  • Ripple- The Grateful Dead
  • Brokedown Palace- The Grateful Dead 
  • Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 
  • La Belle Fleur Sauvage- Lord Huron
  • Fool for Love- Lord Huron
  • Lullaby- Lord Huron
  • Teach Your Children- Crosby, Stills, and Nash
  • Uncle John’s Band- The Grateful Dead
  • It’s Getting Better- Cass Elliot
  • Cigarette Daydreams- Cage the Elephant
  • While You Wait for the Others- Grizzly Bear
  • Yet Again- Grizzly Bear
  • Amie- Pure Prairie League
  • I Need a Life- Born Ruffians 
  • City Looks Pretty- Courtney Barnett 
  • No, But Remember?- Brightside
  • Harvest Moon- Neil Young
  • Go Easy- Mac DeMarco
  • Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac
  • Rocky Mountain High- John Denver
  • Ventura Highway- America
  • Long Distance- The Districts
  • Ooh La La- Faces
  • Peace Train- Cat Stevens

Ok sorry that list was kind of long, hope you guys enjoy it, 
– DJ chippypants <3


Friday Favorites (10/2)

As a young art student, I was exposed to the first alternative music I’d ever heard through my teacher’s playlists during our classes. This week’s Friday Favorites are dedicated to (mainly) 90’s-00’s alternative music which reminds me of my entry into the artistic world. I still love to listen to these songs while creating content and working on projects. Hope you enjoy! 

Bad Timing – Bombay Bicycle Club 

One of my favorites from this band ever. Rich melody, lots of texture to the song. As a plus, the album art is one of the coolest designs ever. 

Clementine – Elliott Smith 

Soft vocal tones and beautiful acoustic guitar encompass this relaxing track, perfect for a rainy day of painting. 

Never Gonna Give You Up – The Black Keys 

This track features beautiful instrumentals, a catchy drum beat, and R&B style vocals and message. This song transports the listener right back to 60s jazzy R&B. 

Houdini – Foster The People 

A favorite from this band, the song Houdini encapsulates the best part of alternative indie rock. This track is sure to bring you into an upbeat and creative mindset in no time. 

Sleepyhead – Passion Pit 

Passion Pit fits better within the electronic/indie genre but nonetheless it is an important part of any art-making playlist. 

To listen to all of these songs and more, check out my playlist on WKNC’s Spotify

– Miranda


Night of Fright Playlist


A perfect collection of non-traditional, mixed-genre ambient music for the month of October. 

  1. Skeleton Kiss – Fright by Christian Death 

  2. Season of the Witch by Lana Del Rey 

  3. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

  4. October by Broken Bells 

  5. No Rest for the Wicked by Lykke Li 

  6. Harsh Realm by Widowspeak 

  7. Baptism by Crystal Castles 

  8. Batcaves by Kap Bambino 

  9. Special Death by Mirah

  10. Witch by the bird and the bee 

  11. A Forest – Tree Mix by The Cure 

  12. I Put A Spell On You by Creedence Clearwater Revival 

  13. Don’t Look Back by Kissing Cousins 

  14. Do You by Carina Round 

  15. House of the Rising Sun by Lauren O’Connell 

  16. Venus in Fleurs by Grimes 

  17. Whales Tails by Cocteau Twins 

Listen to the playlist here

– Miranda


Fall Favorites

Time to put on those faux fur Uggs and head to the nearest Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte because it’s finally fall! Just kidding. Please don’t do either of those things. Instead, embark on an autumnal auditory adventure with this playlist of my fall favorites!

  1. September by Earth, Wind, & Fire: The 21st night of September marks the final day of summer in the Northern hemisphere, so this song is the perfect way to ring in the fall. I promise this is the last time I’ll be Septemberposting. Until next year.

  2. Autumn Leaves by the Bill Evans Trio: During his time in the Miles Davis Quartet, Bill Evans played an integral role in the recording of Kind of Blue, which is considered to be one of the most influential jazz albums of all time. Immediately after he recorded Portrait in Jazz with his own trio. Their rendition of the standard “Autumn Leaves” really captures the aura of the season with only the textures created by a piano, drums and upright bass.

  3. Where We Used To Live by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Following Bill Evans and company is the Esbjörn Svensson Trio with another jazz composition. Whereas “Autumn Leaves” portrays the warm, energetic side of fall, “Where We Used To Live” evokes feelings of melancholy and longing.

  4. Fall in Love by Slum Village: For this classic, J Dilla sampled Gap Manigone’s “Diana in the Autumn Wind”. The result was an intimate instrumental perfect for the Slum Village.

  5. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes: With this track, The White Stripes offer us a slightly more aggressive approach to the autumnal sound. It would be the perfect song for angrily raking leaves in your yard.

  6. Thriller by Michael Jackson: Of course, fall isn’t just pretty leaves and flannels. It’s also the spookiest time of the year, and there’s not a single song more synonymous with Halloween than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

That’s the playlist! What are some of your favorite fall songs?

– DJ Mango


September 2020 Sample Platter

Sampling is the recontextualization of a preexisting work in a new composition. While this practice is utilized across genres, it has become a cornerstone of the hip-hop tradition. Since its inception, producers have been sampling soul records, funk records, world music and even cartoons to create head-bobbing beats. Drawing from numerous styles and time periods, here is a sample platter of some of the spiciest samples in hip-hop music!

  1. Late Nights & Heartbreak by Hannah Williams & the Affirmations: Courtesy of producer No I.D., this song was sampled in the titular track of Jay-Z’s 4:44. It’s the perfect backdrop for Jay-Z’s intimate confession of infidelity in his relationship with Beyoncé.

  2. Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding: This soul ballad is wonderfully composed – it slowly builds in tempo, volume and urgency, and ends with Otis showing off his chops in a fiery finish. His vocal riffs were chopped up by Kanye West to create “Otis”, which features one of my favorite beats of all time.

  3. Bam Bam by Sister Nancy: Hailed as a Jamaican dancehall classic, this song is perhaps the most frequently sampled song in all of popular music. It has been recontextualized more than a hundred times by the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lauryn Hill. Read the full story here!

  4. Why Can’t We Live Together by Timmy Thomas: If you were around in 2015 and 2016, you’ll remember how inescapable Drake’s “Hotline Bling” was. The song was everywhere, and for good reason – it’s an earworm. The bossa nova-style groove comes from Timmy Thomas’ 1972 track Why Can’t Live Together.

  5. One Step Ahead by Aretha Franklin: Ayatollah chopped up this soul classic to create the beat for “Ms. Fat Booty” by Mos Def.

  6. Whores in this House by DJ Frank Ski: Based on the title alone, I’m sure you can guess which song this was sampled in. That’s right – the iconic vocal line appears in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”, aka Ben Shapiro’s favorite song.

  7. Pots ‘N’ Pans by Anthony King and John Matthews: An obscure early electronic song sampled by Don Cannon in Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards”. The result is one of the most head-bobbing hip-hop tracks in recent memory.

  8. What Will Santa Claus Say? (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’) by Louis Prima: This Christmas tune was sampled in Kanye and Kid Cudi’s 2018 project Kids See Ghosts. “4th Dimension” is now a contender for my favorite holiday song.

I hope this sample platter has given you an eclectic taste of hip-hop source material. What are some of your favorite samples?

– DJ Mango


Friday Favorites 9/25/20

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the tracks that I’ve been vibing with for the past week (playlist here):

  1. Sock It 2 Me (feat. Da Brat) by Missy Elliot: This track was one of the first hits of Missy’s solo career, and with Timbaland’s signature production, it gives us a taste of their killer creative chemistry.

  2. Mutha Magick (feat. BbyMutha) by Black Noi$e: Noi$e’s erratic production is a perfect fit for BbyMutha’s appearance on this track. In less than two minutes, the mother of 4 drops a handful of lyrical gems that will have you pressing repeat for sure.

  3. Baby by Donnie & Joe Emerson: Ariel Pink’s 2012 cover of this song made it an underground classic. Its soulful vocals and laid back groove make it a DJ Mango classic – it makes me feel like I’m floating.

  4. 12.38 (feat. 21 Savage, Ink & Kadhja Bonet) by Childish Gambino: Despite Donald Glover’s celebrity as a musician, actor and director, he’s relatively lowkey. The release of his latest Childish Gambino project was also lowkey, and it went under my radar for a while. “12.38” is definitely a standout.

  5. MANGO (feat. Adeline) by KAMAUU: This new track from KAMAUU explores the idea of an unselfish love. It’s also funkier than a week old pair of gym socks.

  6. September by Earth, Wind, & Fire: This classic is a celebration of the final days of summer and a fantastic way to ring in the fall. Interestingly enough, the 21st night of September holds no special significance – it just sounded good, so the writers went with it. Check out my full discussion of the lyric here!

  7. TRICK DADDY by ICECOLDBISHOP: BISHOP’s aggressive and eccentric delivery makes him an oddity in the hip-hop soundscape. Singles like “TRICK DADDY” have me excited for his debut!

  8. Chameleon by Jenae Ailia: Jenae Ailia’s unique blend of neo-soul, indie and R&B is quite ear-grabbing. They’re a new artist to me, but I’ll certainly be on the look out for their new stuff!

– DJ Mango