September ’22 New Music Releases

If you are like me and live in constant fear of someone asking “What music are you listening to?” while listening to normie trash, then this playlist is perfect for you. Here are a few of the best Indie and Underground tracks released in September.

Note: Some songs on this playlist contain explicit lyrics.

Up first is “Jesus Freak Lighter”  off of Blood Orange’s new EP “Four Songs“. The track is largely instrumental, and the synths on this song are incredibly groovy. While Blood Orange has been making a lot of music with other artists lately, including a personal favorite of mine “We Will Always Love You” by The Avalanches and Blood Orange, this is their first solo music release in over three years. 

Loyle Carner is a jazz rap artist from the UK, and this playlist features his newest single, “Nobody Knows (Ladas Road)“. The samples, mixing, lyrics, and flow of this single are all perfect. This song is the third single off of his upcoming album ‘Hugo’, releasing on Oct. 21.

SHELL” is off of Kenny Mason’s new album, “RUFFS“. Kenny Mason makes experimental hip-hop with metal and alternative influences. Other highlights off this album include “HALOS“, “333 / ATOM“, and “NOSEDIVE (feat. Jean Dawson)”.

Yellow Brick Road” by Sudan Archives is a perfect example of new genre-bending music, with influences of R&B and electronic music. This song is off of her new album, “Natural Brown Prom Queen“.

Greatest Hits” by Jockstrap is another mostly instrumental song, which is very experimental-electronica sounding. This track is from their debut album, “I Love You Jennifer B“. If you enjoy this track, I would recommend listening to one of Jockstrap’s first singles released – “Acid“. 

cracked screen” by blackwave. and Lute, as well as “Griffith Park” by Carter Ace are two alternative hip-hop songs that are very upbeat and groovy.

If you enjoy abstract hip-hop, you will enjoy ‘hollow’ by Medhane and JUNIE., and “ROSECOLORED” by justicexavier and Diz. 

SICK OF IT*” is the latest single for Jean Dawson’s upcoming album “CHAOS NOW*”. The album is scheduled to release on Oct. 7. Jean Dawson’s music is hard to define, falling under either alternative-pop or indie-rock. This track is a very upbeat alternative-style song.

daydream” is an instrumental track by Luna Li off her new EP “jams 2“. The EP is only six minutes long and features six amazing tracks. 

Ghost (Injury Reserve Remix)” by Body Meat and Injury Reserve is a bit more of an obscure track and falls under the glitch-hop genre, but has incredible visualization. Injury Reserve is one of those artists that the more I listen to the more I find in their music to enjoy. There are so many little intricate details that at first listen seem odd or out of place but simultaneously blend in perfectly. 

Here is a link to the Spotify playlist. Note: Some songs on this playlist contain explicit lyrics.

Hope you enjoy!

Rachel L.


Five Songs for October

The long-awaited fall season has officially arrived.

As we enter October we enter into a new state of mind, pacing of schoolwork and new music. To celebrate the arrival of the season, I have compiles five new releases that fit the refreshing, crisp atmosphere of fall beautifully.

I find my music feed fills with folk and folk adjacent genres when fall arrives. The five songs I have selected are primarily folk, with a dabble of indie rock and indie folk

“A Lifetime to Find” by Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles have continued to make a name for themselves in the folk and bluegrass world with each and every release. They have been releases a series of singles throughout the past months, and this track happened to come out Sept. 30.

This track simply has just a pleasant sound. It is clear in discography that these guys are extremely talented on the strings, it’s nice to hear them slow down their complex musical lines and really make the vocals thrive.

There are few things more fitting for fall then a refreshing folk release; I hope you all enjoy their new releases as much as I do.

“Nullify” by MILLY

Milly is an excellent indie rock duo who just released their second album of 2022, “Eternal Ring” Sept 30.

The entire album is just a nice solid indie rock album for the season. This track in particularly stuck out to me due to the revolving theme of routine.

Especially for college students, around this time it is easy to feel like classes and daily routines are our entire life– it’s important to break this routine state of mind every once in a while to reflect on and do the things you love. This song highlights exactly that.

“Me and My Shadow” by The Ghost of Paul Revere

I discovered The Ghost of Paul Revere while hunting down songs for my radio show, Saloon Tunes, last semester. If you are looking for a solid folk and bluegrass band, this is the one for you.

I quickly fell in love with their unity. These gentlemen harmonize beautiful together. It is easy to hear how much they enjoy making music together.

They released a new album, “Goodbye”, Sept. 2. It is by far their most moody collection of songs. I think this album has some really excellent highlights, but it felt a little disheveled compared to their previous releases.

The richness of the vocals in this track is incredible, I honestly wish the background backed off more to let the vocals shine.

Nevertheless, I felt this band fit the fall energy quite well. Fall is often a time of reflection, and this song really embodies self reflection and growth.

“francis” by Origami Angel

I was very excited to see new releases from Origami Angel. Origami Angel is an emo-rock duo from Washington, DC.

They released not one, but two sets of singles Sept. 30. This one is off their more relaxed indie rock set, “re: turn”. Their juxtaposing set, “DEPART” is three screamo tracks. Expect a seperate blog reviewing “DEPART” in the near future.

This track is such a nice change of pace for Origami Angel, who historically have been tapping into emo and emo-adjencent genres. Lead vocalist, Ryland Heagy, transforms his voice into such a gentle sound. The sound he achieves here is very reminiscent of the early releases of Turnover.

The evolution that is embodied within this track and their newest singles truly fits the transformation of fall.

“Hell Time One” by Brittle Brian

I have only recently started listening to Brittle Brian, who just released their first album, “Biodiesel” Sept. 15 of this year.

Her voice is simply enchanting in this track. I selected this one due to it’s melecony undertone and decomposing composition that is very reminiscent of the season. As the song processes it seems to dissolve into a free flowing structure, the vocals fading into the building backtrack.

Her voice really reminded me of one of my favorite singers, Adrianne Lenker. Fans of Big Thief and Adrianne will certainly enjoy this upcoming solo female artist.


Four Renditions of “Autumn Leaves”

It is finally autumn. One of my favorite ways of celebrating the start of the fall season is to listen to some of the many, many renditions of “Autumn Leaves”.

“Autumn Leaves” is a jazz standard, originally made in 1945 by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by Jacques Prévert in French. There are an unbelievable amount of recordings of this song, with each artist adding their own unique flair to it.

This song is the perfect template, allowing artists to build and add to it to make it truly unique. The song can span from two to over ten minutes long.

I have a great appreciation for genre standards such as “Autumn Leaves”. Songs like this one bring artists together in a way not much else can. I wanted to share a few renditions of this staple by some of my favorite jazz artists.

Chet Baker

Chet Baker’s “Autumn Leaves” was the very first version of the song I ever heard. It took me quite a long time to realize that this wasn’t just his song and is definitely the landmark for how this song should sound to me.

The highlight of this song, besides Baker on the trumpet, is Bob James on the electric keyboard. Each note on the keyboard creates perfect imagery of fall-colored leaves falling to the ground.

Ryo Fukui

“Autumn Leaves” was a great pick for Ryo Fukui’s 1976 album, “Scenery”. Not only does it match the vibe of the album perfectly, Fukui renders the song expertly.

This version highlights how incredibly the piano leads “Autumn Leaves”, more so than any other instrument. The piano can perfectly capture the frenzied beauty of falling leaves in a way that no other instrument can.

Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole’s rendition is the only one on this list that has vocals. As it should be, as no other version of “Autumn Leaves” with vocals tops this one.

Even though his version is the shortest on this list, King Cole slows down the song, highly emphasizing the original composition with brass instruments to support his vocals. This version of the song is very short and sweet and perfectly captures the autumn feeling.

Vince Guaraldi

Everyone knows Vince Guaraldi, he’s the Peanuts guy. The first jazz vinyl I ever bought was one of his. His rendition of “Autumn Leaves” is spectacular, with his piano playing at the forefront.

His version of the song is ten minutes long, utilizing the basic composition to create a truly fall-inspired sound. Guaraldi can evoke the feelings of a season better than any other artist I have heard.


Jazz Songs for a Rainy Day

Jazz is an extremely versatile genre of music. Some of my favorite jazz songs are on the calmer, more melancholic side of the genre. These songs are perfect for sitting inside on a rainy day and watching the raindrops stream down the window.

Darn That Dream” by Bill Evans and Jim Hall

Bill Evans and Jim Hall are masters at creating songs for quiet contemplation on a rainy day. This song, like every song on “Undercurrent”, only features the piano of Bill Evans and the guitar of Jim Hall. There’s something isolated about this song that is similar to walking outside on a rainy day with no one else around.

Days Of Wine and Roses” by Wes Montgomery

This song’s highlight is its guitar. Montgomery’s style of picking his guitar was a clear inspiration for Jim Hall and this song has much of the same appeal that “Darn That Dream” does. Instead of being paired with a piano, “Days of Wine and Roses” is paired with drums.

A Taste of Honey” by Paul Desmond

Most well known for his work in the Dave Brubeck Quartet, the saxophone of Paul Desmond shines on its own. This song is great for reflection. Paul Desmond once said he wanted to sound like a “dry martini” and I think he accomplishes that sound excellently on this track.

In A Sentimental Mood” by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane

This song, originally created in Durham, is the quintessential rainy day jazz song. No song quite creates the feeling that “In A Sentimental Mood” does. Coltrane’s saxophone and Ellington’s piano perfectly complement each other, with Elvis Jones’ drums and Aaron Bell’s bass truly gluing them together. It perfectly elicits the sentimentality that is often associated with a rainy day.


Hopscotch Music Festival 2022 – A Sampler

I unfortunately do not have the pleasure of attending Hopscotch Music Festival this year, but boy, they have quite a lineup.

Between their main lineup, their club shows at Pour House and Slims, and their day parties, Hopscotch has packed quite a lot of talent into such a short period. From international sensations like Courtney Barnett and Perfume Genius, to amazing local acts like BANGZZ and MJ Lenderman, the lineup is bound to impress.

If you, like me, cannot attend Hopscotch, or if you are attending and want to get a good feel for what you’ll be hearing, I’ve made a playlist with some of my favorite songs by the artists and bands that will be performing. The playlist is a sampler with a little bit of everything to amuse the palate.

For your convenience, I’ve made the playlist accessible through Spotify.


Six Songs for Studying

As NC State approaches their fourth week of the semester, the first wave of exams and tests approaches.

Testing and exams never fails to stress me out and I know I am not alone in this sentiment. To ease some of the anxiety and stress that builds up over study time I have compiled a few of my favorite focus tracks.

When studying, I find myself gravitating towards jazz and relaxed indie artists. Although, I included a mix of genres in the following tracks.

I hope you all enjoy.


This one is such an ideal instrumental to sit down and begin a study session. BADBADNOTGOOD is a fantastic jazz ensemble that provides rich compositions and excellent collaborations with other artists.

If you enjoy this track I recommend checking out their other works. They have some excellent upbeat tracks such as “To The Floor”, their newest single featuring Lil Silva. The other tracks off their album “IV” are great for raising energy after a long study session.

“Restless Song” by Shadow Community

Shadow Community is a project by Mid-Air Thief, a folktronica musician from South Korea. This song in particular evokes such an airy, light feeling. There really is no real way to describe their music. It is mesmerizing, complex and light.

“The Final View” by Nujabes

This track has a lot of nostalgia linked to me for me. Nujabes had such a gift for bringing so many powerful genres together. In this song in particular there are such graceful elements or hip-hop, jazz, and lofi.

I had a very difficult time picking just one Nujabes track to put on this list. Here are a few honorable mentions I simply cannot ignore, “Horn in the middle”, “Luv (sic)“, and “flowers”.

“Attempt” by Far Caspian

I think Far Caspian has one of the best voices to listen to while working. I typically prefer instrumentals when studying, but he has such a lovely gentle sound. His album “Ways to Get Out” was one of my favorite releases in 2021, it was a great stress reliever for me.

“Julia” by Yellow Ostrich

This is a track for those that enjoy studying to songs with lyrics. Yellow Ostrich is melding indie rock and folk together in this track. It is a really ideal indie study track due to its relaxed tone.

“Mirage” by Orion Sun

Although short, this track has so many elegant elements. Orion Sun has such a beautiful voice and genuine sound she brings to each and every track.

Listening to her music never fails to ease my nerves. Her albums “A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams” and “Hold Space For Me” are filled to the brim with musical elegance.


Five Songs for the End of Summer

School has finally started back up and with that, summer is coming to an end. Over summer break, there were songs that really stuck with me. Songs that are perfect for riding around with the windows down or jamming out with friends. With fall less than a month away, I wanted to share these highlights of my summer with you to enjoy before sweater season.

Tek It” by Cafuné

At the beginning of summer, Cafuné’s second song off their 2021 album “Running” went viral. It became the song of the beginning of summer. The catchy, lighthearted instrumental perfectly riffs off of singer Sedona Schat’s vocals. While the summer breeze is still blowing, this song is perfect for riding with the windows down.

“I Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore” by Similar Kind

Ever since I discovered Similar Kind after they opened for Hot Flash Heat Wave in April, this song has been on repeat. As the days have become hotter, this song has only gotten more plays. The fun, indie-pop instrumental and sound in contrast to the melancholic lyrics seem designed to be listened to on a warm summer evening.

“Easy On Your Own?” by Alvvays

Another great song for a warm summer evening, “Easy On Your Own?” is Alvvay’s second single for their upcoming album “Blue Rev”. With Alvvay’s classic dream-like indie sound and reflective vocals, this song gives the listener space for introspection during this transitional time between summer and fall.

“TVI” by Surf Curse

“TVI” is the second single released for surf punk band Surf Curse’s upcoming album. With this single coming out at the end of July, it marked the beginning of the end of summer. This is a song about trying to stay out of trouble, the perfect motivation for getting back into your normal school or work schedule before the leaves change color.

“NBTSA” by Joyce Manor

During the last week of summer, I saw Joyce Manor at the National in Richmond, VA. Awaiting the concert, I had this song on blast non-stop in the prior weeks. This short burst of energetic instrumental and vocals exude the feeling of change on the horizon with the chorus being simply five repetitions of “And I may never be the same again.” Being the first song I’ve moshed to since before the pandemic, this song has a special place in my heart.

Happy jamming,



Albums for the Beach

Nothing says summertime quite like a trip to the beach with your friends. Between the hot summer sun, the relaxation, the good eats and the memories made– a beach vacation is an utmost pleasing experience. The following are some albums that are great options to soundtrack your summer vacations to the beach.

“CRASH” – Charli XCX

A fun and lighthearted album from Charli XCX that leans more into traditional pop than her usual experimental side, this LP is perfect for dancing to, tanning to, driving to and is just straight up fun. “CRASH” is a  perfectly high energy and approachable album to jam out to with your friends.

“My Own Mess” – Skegss

It’s no surprise that an Australian surf-rock band makes great summery music. “My Own Mess” juxtaposes Skegss’ bright sound with existential lyrics and sounds oh-so-good while doing it. I exclusively stream this album during the summer because it’s designed to listen to while the sun shines down on you.

“More Adventurous” – Rilo Kiley

Like Skegss’ “My Own Mess,” “More Adventurous” by Rilo Kiley is a bright-sounding album with some seriously existential moments. Jenny Lewis, lead singer of the now broken-up Rilo Kiley, is amazing at making even the saddest lyrics sound hopeful. I recommend this album for listening to while on a walk or run down the shore.

“Jump Rope Gazers” – The Beths

This 2020 album by the indie-pop New Zealand band The Beths is a short but sweet project that I think would be best listened to whilst laying out in the sun and reading a book. At times high-energy and at times low and earnest, “Jump Rope Gazers” is perfect for beach-listening.

Happy listening and don’t forget SPF,


Miscellaneous Music News and Interviews Playlists

“Gilmore Girls” and Indie Music

For those of you who don’t know, “Gilmore Girls” was a show on The CW that aired from 2000 to 2007. 

The show was about a quirky mom, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory. It focused on their mom-daughter relationship as well as their relationship with Lorelai’s parents and the people in their small town. 

Granted that their characters were seen as witty, sarcastic, and super knowledgable in terms of pop culture, music, and movies, the references to underground artists often came off as snobbish at the time. I would never understand the music references they made and felt like I was somehow behind.

A lot of moments on the show felt like Rory and Lorelai constantly wanted to seem “not like the other girls”, however, after watching it regularly I grew accustomed to their rapid banter and uniqueness. 

Eventually, their quirkiness turned into their charm.

There are a handful of bands I discovered specifically through that show. Rory and her best friend Lane, a female drummer, both were huge music geeks and after hearing their music references, curiosity got the best of me.

I wanted to see if the bands they referred to were truly worth the snobbery. 

Here is a brief list of the bands and artists that were mentioned in the show: The Bangles, Paul Anka, Sonic Youth, The Shins, Arcade Fire, The Go-Gos, New Order/Joy Division and The Libertines. 

The “Gilmore Girls” show writers were big music connoisseurs as well and wanted the music to be on the forefront to give the show its own vibes and sound.

Since the show’s primary audience was mothers and daughters, the music references in the show made pre-teen and teen girls get into music that Lorelai and Rory found to be cool.

A handful of the musicians they reference throughout the show actually made cameos as well.

The band Lane was a drummer for, Hep Alien, performed a lot of cover songs on the show too. They performed “London Calling” by The Clash, “Fell in Love With a Girl” by White Stripes, and “I’m the Man” by Joe Jackson along with many others.

The show is an acquired taste so I would only recommend watching it if you’re open to an eccentric family-centered show.

It’s a show that was revolutionary for its time making underground pop culture references seem like the ‘it’ thing and music was a huge part of Rory and Lorelai’s characters. 

If it’s not for the characters, there are a lot of great tracks found throughout the show.

Here’s a playlist if you’d rather skip straight to the music!


amongstEverything: A Playlist

The music I find most fulfilling is music that grounds and centers me. More often than not music that performs this role, for me at least, is music that centers around some part of the human condition.

amongstEverything is a playlist I curated around this concept. Some of the songs’ sound leans into a synthy and otherworldly feeling, while others’ lyrics tap into the core of what it is to be a human.

Ideally, this playlist would be listened to outside and would be paired with an ice-cold glass of lemonade, a clear head and an open heart.

amongstEverything can be streamed on Spotify, and without further ado, here are some songs that fulfill me and I hope do the same for you.

  1. “Life” — Jeffrey Lewis
  2. “Walking the Cow” — Daniel Johnston
  3. “Lady Gaga you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion industry. Is fashion as important to you as music?” — Jan Jelinek
  4. “Thank You!” — Kilo Kish
  5. “Alien Observer” — Grouper
  6. “I Was Born in Arizona” — Dear Nora
  7. “POKKA POKKA” — Fishmans
  8. “白日” — Polaris
  9. “Crab” — Alex G
  10. “Flower” — Mega Bog
  11. “Clay Pigeons” — Michael Cera
  12. “How Sad, How Lovely” — Connie Converse
  13. “Knight Rider” — of Montreal
  14. “I Was Born (A Unicorn)” — The Unicorns
  15. “Spring’s Near” — Parsley Sound

Until next time,