New Album Review

NC Track Round-Up

By: DJ French aka Phillip Fries

Bi-weekly brief write-ups on new music I find searching the “North Carolina” tag on Bandcamp.


Song: “Sweet White Pine”

By: Jodi Jones

From: Carrboro, NC

In her recent EP titled “Balladeer,” Jodi Jones channels the rich heritage of folk-singers in Pennsylvanian Appalachia. In her words, “Sweet White Pine is a song I’ve written about the legend of the White Woman of Murphy’s Bar, Susan Hilbish, whose tragic death at her own hand haunts the village of Shamokin to this day.” The track features beautiful vocals over a simple folk guitar melody. Jones’s interpretation of the tall tale encompasses a range of emotions to unveil a sinister ending.

Ep Link:


Song: “Nail Biter”

By: Cor de Lux

From: Kill Devil Hills, NC

The track starts with a fuzzy rattle of what sounds like a spray paint can & segways into a monotonous buildup of bass, drums, and a sprinkle of keys. Said instruments meld with fuzzy electric guitar and angsty lyrics- softly delivered. Nail Biter is Cor de Lux’s first single after the release of their 2023 album, titled “Media”.

Song link:


Song: “The Prom You Never Had”

By: Austin Tighe

From: Charlotte, NC

The track starts with a silly flute riff and lofi chillhop drums but quickly evolves into an effervescent dream/bedroom pop track. Vocals are reminiscent of Jerry Paper. Sound likely inspired by artists like Paper & Mild High Club, with a smooth vaporwave-esque twist. Pretty guitar, bass & synth melodies.