WKNC’s top tracks of 2020

We reached out to our DJs and staff members here at WKNC and here are their responses for their top 3 songs of 2020. Every song named was released in 2020 so there’s no better way to find new music than to skim through this expansive list. These songs have also been added to a playlist on WKNC’s Spotify account.

Laura/DJ Beowvlf; GM

  • Deftones – “Genesis”
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – “the Whether Channel”
  • The Garden – “Fool’s Expedition”

Jamie Lynn; Station Adviser
Jamie was allowed more than 3 songs but she only gave us 2. We’ll allow it. 

  • Kississippi – “Around Your Room”
  • Tune-Yards – “nowhere; man.”

Molly/DJ Cicada; Program Director

  • Arca – “La Chiqui (ft SOPHIE)”
  • Shygirl – “Freak”
  • Yung Lean – “Dogboy”

Erika/The Saw; Chainsaw Rock Music Director and Content Manager

  • Boundaries – “Behind The Bend”
  • Upon A Burning Body – “Chains of Agony”
  • Ingested – “Black Pill”

Becca/M’Lady; Promotions Director

  • Oklou – “Gods Chariots”
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – “No Nightmares”
  • Monolithic – “Alone With You (Computer Data Remix)”

Gab/Beefless Poison; Sponsorship Director and Assistant Afterhours Music Director 

  • Magdalena Bay – “Good Intentions”
  • Coco & Clair Clair – “TLG”
  • Jessy Lanza – “All The Time”

Liz; Afterhours Music Director and Graphic Designer

  • Magdalena Bay – “Airplane”
  • Planet 1999 – “Party”
  • Kitty – “12th House”

Makayla; Underground Music Director

  • Loving – “Nihilist Kite Flyer”
  • Thundercat – “Funny Thing”
  • Cookiee Kawaii – “Rather Be”

Maddie/Buzz; Daytime Music Director

  • Fiona Apple – “Shameika”
  • Mamalarky – “Fury
  • Arlo Parks – “Black Dog”

Romir/THE FUNKY BUDDHA; Local Music Director

  • Thundercat – “Dragonball Durag”
  • Jrusalam – “DN&”
  • Metallica – “All Within My Hands (Live)”

Chip/the DJ formerly known as Chippypants; Assistant Daytime Music Director and Content Creator

  • Sir Chloe – “Sedona”
  • Papi Shiitake – “Sleepwalk”
  • Felly – “Weak Hearts”

Miranda; Blog Content Creator

  • Freddie Gibbs – “Scottie Beam”
  • Amaarae – “HELLZ ANGEL”
  • Joji – “MODUS”

Kyle/DJ Mango; Assistant Underground Music Director and Content Creator

  • Gabriel Garzon-Montano – “Everything is Everything”
  • D’Angelo – “Really Love”
  • Mac Miller – “Everybody”

Minh/Cozy P – Multimedia Director

  • Spillage Village – “Ea’alah (Family)”
  • Phoebe Bridgers – “Savior Complex”
  • Woodkid – “Pale Yellow”

Jaylan; Podcast Content Creator

  • The Weeknd – “After Hours”
  • Nothing But Thieves – “Phobia”
  • Pop Smoke – “Got It On Me”

Raney/DJ Butter; Blog Content Creator and Graphic Designer

  • Frank Ocean – “Dear April”
  • Greta Van Fleet – “Age of Machine”
  • Mac Demarco – “Here Comes The Cowboy (demo)”

Leeann/DJ Psyched; Content Contributor

  • Hayley Williams – “Pure Love”
  • Declan McKenna – “The Key to Life on Earth”
  • Rina Sawayama – “XS”

Caitlin; Content Contributor

  • Phoebe Bridgers – “I Know The End”
  • Rilo Kiley – “A Better Son/Daughter”
  • Maggie Rogers – “Dog Years”

Joey; DJ

  • Des Rocs – “Wayne”
  • Penelope Scott – “Dumpster”
  • Penelope Scott – “Lotta True Crime”

Three Bears in a Coat; DJ

  • Midnight Club – “Close Your Eyes”
  • Glass Cactus – “Anatasia”
  • Waters – “Hypocritical”

Patches; DJ

  • Viagra Boys – “Creatures”
  • Flatbush Zombies – “Afterlife”
  • JPEGMAFIA – “Rough 7”

DJ Sumatra

  • Gorillaz – “Pac Man”
  • Mac Miller – “Hand Me Downs”
  • Car Seat Headrest – “Deadlines”

Juhi; DJ

  • Sofie – “Guest”
  • Momma – “Habitat”
  • Jayda G – “Both of Us”

Museum Maddie; DJ

  • Sun Room – “Just Yesterday”
  • Fleet Foxes – “Can I Believe You”
  • Phoebe Bridgers – “Halloween”

Yung Mattro; DJ

  • 100 gecs – “hand crushed by a mallet remix”
  • Osees – “Scramble Suit II”
  • Aquiles Navarro; Tcheser Holmes – “NAVARROHOLMES”

Flowers McPowers; DJ

  • Habibi – “Angel Eyes”
  • Jeff Rosenstock – “Scram”
  • The Dune Sea – “Summers Over”

T -Time; DJ

  • Touche Amore – “Reminders”
  • Pinegrove – “The Alarmist”
  • snake eyes – “skeletons”

Squat Johnson; DJ

  • 100 gecs – “xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx (Remix)”
  • SLIFT – “Umoon”
  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Cars in Space”

Rainbow Riot; DJ

  • The Lemon Twigs – “Live in Favor of Tomorrow”
  • Mapache – “Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo”

Delusional Melodrama, DJ

  • Yves Tumor – “Gospel For A New Century”
  • Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B – “WAP”
  • Porridge Radio – “Sweet”

Sycamore Slim, DJ

  • Loma – “Ocotillo”
  • Joy Crookes – “Anyone But Me”
  • HAIM – “Don’t Wanna”

Cookie Cutter, DJ

  • Joywave – “Mr. Eastman”
  • Glass Animals – “Heat Wave”
  • The Strokes – “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus”

Two -Tone, DJ

  • Hatari – “Klamstrakur”
  • Tupperware – “Blue Sky”
  • Linea Aspera – “Redshift”

Big Sam, DJ

  • RMR – “RASCAL”
  • U.S. Girls – “4 American Dollars”
  • Tame Impala – “It Might Be Time”

Big Hoss, DJ

  • Taylor Swift – “Mirrorball”
  • Bob Dylan – “Key West (Philosopher Pirate)”
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland – “River Dreams”

DJ Traffic

  • Slow Leaves – “Half of the Bed”
  • Lil Uzi Vert – “Baby Pluto”
  • Tennis – “Need Your Love”

DJ Head Hunter

  • Jessie Ware – “Spotlight”
  • Thundercat – “Dragonball Durag”
  • Roisin Murphy – “Jealousy”

White Tiger, DJ

  • Cub Sport – “Drive”
  • Pinkish Blu – “Watermark” 
  • King Princess – “Pain”

DJ Scratch n Sniff

  • Glass Animals – “Your Love”
  • Sir Chloe – “Too Close”

Lil Witch, DJ

  • Yaeji – “Waking Up Down”
  • Coco & Clair Clair – “TLG”
  • adrianne lenker – “anything”

Deeanthony Jayanthony, DJ

  • Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi Bi – “WAP”
  • Mac Miller – “Good News” 
  • Clipping. – “Say The Name”

young iowa, DJ

  • Lil Uzi Vert – “Bean (ft. Chief Keef)”
  • Loathe – “Broken Vision Rhythm”
  • Deftones – “The Spell of Mathematics”

Lomain, DJ

  • Sylvan Esso – “Rooftop Dancing”
  • Anderson .Paak – “JEWELZ”
  • eevee – “Serenity”

Clearly, the tastes of our staff are all over the place. In all honesty, we originally intended to highlight a few albums that popped up several times across the spectrum, expecting a few to do so. This… did not happen but it’s actually rather exciting to see how far spread our genre influences are (wonderful for students working at a radio station). However, it should be noted that both Phoebe Bridgers (“Punisher”) and Mac Miller (“Circles”) were listed three times with Deftones, 100 gecs, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Hayley Williams following with two acknowledgments each. With 39 contributing students and 118 songs total this playlist is sure to cover every major genre and have hidden gems tucked in every corner. Give it a spin, let us know what you think on social media (@wknc881 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Cheers to the New Year with hopefully another great line-up of releases to come.


Let’s Talk Music: My Top 20 Songs of 2020 (Part 1)

Description: Ms Psyched and I are here to talk about 20 of our favorite songs from 2020. In part 1 we’re talking about Rina Sawayama, Hayley Williams, Modern Diet, Smallpools, and more of our favorite artists. What were your top songs from 2020? Let me know on Youtube!

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(Producer PME has given me permission to use his beat ‘300k’ as the Get Psyched intro/outro beat)

Non-Music News

WKNC provides winter clothing to Raleigh non-profits

In support of its local community, WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 held a winter clothing drive on Jan. 3, from noon to 4 p.m. Donations were dropped off at the Women’s Center, located at 400 S. West Street in downtown Raleigh.

All items collected in this drive were distributed between Healing Transitions and the Wake County Women’s Center on Jan. 4. Healing Transitions is a center aimed at assisting homeless, uninsured and underserved individuals struggling with alcoholism and drug addictions on the road to recovery. The Women’s Center has helped women for over 40 years by providing resources and assistance in breaking the cycles of abuse and homelessness. 

Thanks to WKNC’s audience, the drive was able to collect four XL boxes of women’s apparel, three XL boxes of men’s clothing, another box of children’s supplies, seven containers of blankets, four sleeping bags, and an excess of hats, gloves, socks, shoes, bras, scarves and bags/backpacks. More information on how these nonprofits serve their client populations, with the aid of community donations, can be found at and

“The success of this event comes largely from the generosity of our audience members,” says WKNC General Manager Laura Mooney. “We are also grateful to the staff of Healing Transitions and the Women’s Center for their assistance with event coordination and the use of the warehouse at the Women’s Center.” 


EOT321 COVID-19 Year in Review 12/27/20

Provided by

Aaron Kling  00:00

The views and opinions expressed during “Eye on the Triangle” do not represent WKNC, or the student media. Your dial is currently tuned to “Eye on the Triangle”  at WKNC 88.1. Thanks for listening.

Aaron Kling  00:12

Hello everyone. I’m Aaron Kling for WKNC 88.1’s “Eye on the Triangle.” And tonight, we’ll be discussing COVID-19. Naturally, all of you have heard quite a bit about this disease so far, but we at “Eye on the Triangle” thought it would be good to close up the end of 2020 with a breakdown of what we know about COVID. We’ll do our best to strive to present you with information that you haven’t already heard 1,000 times. All right. Let’s begin then.

Aaron Kling  00:59

What do we know about COVID-19 now that we didn’t know about to begin with? As anyone would expect, researchers worldwide have been studying COVID-19 essentially non-stop. Today, compared to its identification of Wu Han China in the month of December, we have more lab research, case studies and examples of the disease among the public than ever before. Let’s go over a few.

Aaron Kling  01:23

COVID-19 was originally believed to primarily target the elderly, with risk of complications growing alongside the age of the patient. Unfortunately, we are now aware that children can present more than mild symptoms once infected, and one in three children that are hospitalized will require transfer to an intensive care unit SARS COV2 has largely been identified as a respiratory virus. Common are the same effects compared a lot to the flu. And any of our listeners that have long memories will remember that health officials stated as much here on “Eye on the Triangle.” For the most part, these details remain true. SARS COV-2 infections can give a person aches, fever, chills, coughing, everything you would expect. Yet research has also demonstrated the virus can have worrying secondary effects in the body even after it has been defeated by our immune system. Our bodies work into a frenzy by the presence of a pathogen can cause inflammation of the tissue of the heart. This can create chest pain and further down the road can increase your risk of heart failure. Additionally, COVID fog a state of persistent absent mindedness, has been reported in the wake of some cases. It’s sort of like you’re stuck in confusion, like everything doesn’t really make as much sense. This can leave the affected individual unbalanced for weeks, even after the disease passes.

Aaron Kling  02:56

These effects have even been reported individuals who experienced mild symptoms, leaving researchers wondering what the long-term prognosis for survivors will entail. Though COVID-19 remains  serious, we’ve learned a few things that may make it easier to deal with. Firstly, vaccine production can be achieved much faster than experts previously believed was possible. More on this later, but consider that we may be seeing vaccines by 2021. A lightning quick development timetable considering such treatments normally take 10 to 15 years to complete. COVID has a low rate of mutation, at least when compared to other viruses. While we have seen some variation and mutations in COVID over the course of the pandemic. This is really resulted only in one major branch, which did little to change the danger or infectivity of the disease. The low amount of mutation is excellent news, both for researching treatments, cures and preventative measures as well as for ensuring the disease’s impact doesn’t worsen.

Aaron Kling  03:59

Despite all the research that has gone into this pandemic, there is still plenty we have yet to understand. For example, when some individuals contracto COVID-19 they report very mild symptoms or even no symptoms. This can make the disease appear to be a cold or an outbreak of allergies, and generally has done plenty to make everyone terribly paranoid every time they get a little tickle in their throat. Because COVID doesn’t hit everyone like a cold, for the unlucky it can drop oxygen levels and blood, constrict breathing and leave the infected hacking and wheezing. For others, it can cause a storm of autoimmune responses where cells attack bodily organs until death. Researchers still cannot determine what causes the illness of damage some and only inconvenience others. Current theories point to a failure of interferon proteins in the body that engage our immune systems defenses. Without the crucial first response to these interferon proteins, no alarms really go off in the body, and you give the virus a head start, so to speak. This intensifies symptoms and can increase lethality. Yet, in other patients, it’s actually the immune system causing most of the problems with an excess of the protein, interleukin six and TNF alpha. When these are in higher concentrations in the body, it seems to lead to higher morbidity that’s death. And just generally a negative prognosis over time.

Aaron Kling  05:35

Also of interest is whether or not an infection of SARS COV-2  can grant a stable and long-lasting period of immunity. Common knowledge states that once you get a disease, you can never get it again. Sure, maybe you might catch a different strain floating around out there, but at least your body won’t fall for the same trick twice. Right? Well, some good news here. In this case, that appears to be true. Studies have shown that antibodies and specially produced T cells remain in the body on standby for further attacks from COVID and persist for at least six months time. The issue here is that a few individuals appear to have suffered reinfections despite successfully staving off the virus the first time. What this means is that even with a six month window, there is still some measure of risk for reinfection. In the case of the original SARS and the very similar MARES, both of which are coronaviruses, immunity lasts a year, though nothing is certain if SARS-2 persistently environment like other diseases, such as influenza, that a year of immunity will prove to be pretty short in the long run.

Aaron Kling  06:45

So with all this information, where are we now? How is COVID-19 affected the United States? Well, listeners, the short answer here is badly. I’ve seen individuals compare SARS COV-2 to to some of the worst diseases in history, the black deaths, Yersina pestis, [unknown], the Spanish flu, H1-N1. This comparison is usually made to downplay SARS COV-2 to demonstrate that we survived vastly worse and that the pandemic is nothing to really be afraid of. That cannot stress this enough. That is a wrongheaded way to look at this. Remember, we don’t have a handle on SARS COV-2 right now. Unlike those diseases of the past, it may not be the deadliest disease in history. But it’s the disease that’s killing thousands of Americans daily. 300,000 Americans have died so far. And the numbers aren’t going down. Week by week, they’re trending upwards. Over the summer, death rates were dropping. But now in mid-December, they’re the highest they’ve ever been. 3,293 people died in America on December 16 alone. Globally, we’re number one in new infections and deaths and have been for months. The population hit hardest within our nation, our black and Latinx, both of whom have a higher chance of dying from a COVID-19 infection.

Aaron Kling  08:16

We’re simply not taking care of our people. There’s no bright side to this. No silver lining. SARS COV-2 may have flu like symptoms, but it’s not killing us like a seasonal flu would. This is the pandemic in our laps, right this instant. Rising cases means a higher chance of critically ill patients heading to hospitals. And that means more stress on a system unprepared for this eventuality. This could lead to doctors having to make some hard decisions between patients. And this is something we’ve already seen during the Italian health crisis. In Kentucky, hospitals have begun establishing triage centers to determine treatment courses for an expected larger influx of patients. In Utah, a medical system stretched to the breaking point is beginning to report that informal rationing of care is just what has to happen for patients to survive. So yeah, now it would be a really great time for a vaccine to be released.

Aaron Kling  09:15

As we’ve established that COVID-19 Coronavirus relatives can reinfect after about a year, a vaccine is crucial to finally end this pandemic. As mentioned before vaccine programs have gone through an accelerated approval and testing program that has no equal in history. Over 200 vaccines are in production now with Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA based injections reportedly 95% effective in preventing infection. Some countries such as the United Arab Emirates, China, Russia and Great Britain have already begun provisional or emergency distribution of their own vaccines to their citizens. So what about the US? Unfortunately, vaccine distribution isn’t going to be like a movie right? There isn’t going to be some location where everyone can go to acquire a vaccine. Once a vaccine gets approved outright, we’re not all going to get it right away.

Aaron Kling  10:10

So first, what’s going to happen? Tens of millions of healthcare workers are going to get the vaccine, followed shortly afterwards by extreme risk individuals in care homes across the nation. The vaccines path will follow a sort of an essential worker hierarchy from there, making its way to the hands of the general populace, and supposedly being given to children last due to children having a generally lower risk. But the thing is, that’s just the overall plan. These mRNA treatments, they begin to degrade at temperatures above negative 94 degrees. That means the process of transporting vaccines alone will be a serious strain for many locations, expect that urban areas will receive the vaccine first, and then it will flow outwards to rural regions.

Aaron Kling  10:53

So some outlets have mentioned that vaccines should begin circulating along these lines by the spring. But remember that not everyone will get them. At least not immediately. We’ve done quite a bit of waiting already. But make no mistake, things aren’t going to get easier from here. So I’ll leave you with the usual then. Wear a mask outside. Stay six feet apart. Wash your hands frequently. Stay healthy for yourself and for your family. At this point, it’s all routine. Right?

Aaron Kling  11:25

This is my last show everybody. After this there’ll be someone brand new at the microphone. Thanks for making my time here unforgettable. It is really been a heck of a year, right? WKNC 88.1’s “Eye on the Triangle.” I’m Aaron Kling.


No Hits, All Misses

In episode nine, Jaylan discusses Jack Harlow’s Thats What They All Say, Che Noir’s After 12 project, Meek Mill’s Quarantine Pack and more. This week’s name to know: R&B singer Kyle Lux.

Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 12/15

1MAMALARKYMamalarkyFire Talk
2PEELPeel [EP]Innovative Leisure
3SOFT BLUE SHIMMERHeaven Inches AwayDisposable America
4NOTHINGThe Great DismalRelapse
5QUARTER-LIFE CRISISQuarter-Life CrisisSaddle Creek
6WISH TRAPSCatch ItDivan Rouge
7BABEHEAVENHome For NowSelf-Released
8EARLY EYESSunbathing [EP]Epitaph
10BEAU DEGAHoly CannoliSelf-Released
11KIWI JRCooler Returns [Advance Tracks]Sub Pop
12PAT JUNIORI Thought I KnewBe Absxlute
13SINAI VESSELGround AswimSingle Occupancy
14TOBIElements Vol. 1Same Plate/RCA
15WILSON’S PROMWilson’s Prom [EP]Self-Released
16BLESSED“Structure” [Single]Flemish Eye
17BUTCHER BROWN#KingButchConcord Jazz
18DRY CLEANING“Scratchcard Lanyard” [Single]4AD
19ROUTINEAnd Other Things [EP]Friends Of/Dead Oceans
20SYLVAN ESSOFree LoveLoma Vista
21IDLESUltra MonoPartisan
23CASHINOVABig DragonStophouse
25DON TOLIVERAfter PartyWMG Atlantic
26KELLY LEE OWENSInner SongSmalltown Supersound
27YVES TUMORHeaven To A Tortured MindWarp
28MOUNTAIN GOATS, THEGetting Into KnivesMerge
29OSEESProtean ThreatCastle Face
30BABE RAINBOW, THE“Zeitgeist” [Single]Self-Released


1HETHER“Sex Wax” [Single]Hether4theweather
2EASTER ISLANDTake All The Time You Think You NeedFrightened
3SUMEAUThis Is Not A DreamSelf-Released
5TEKE TEKE“Kodomo No Kuni” b/w “Onigami” [Single]Sub Pop
6ARLO PARKSCollapsed In Sunbeams [Advance Tracks]Transgressive
7PEOPLE IN GENERAL“Take It or Leave It” [Single]My Dog Ate
8WE ARE JOINERSClients [EP]Self-Released
9MUUN BATOMuun BatoSelf-Released
10FENNE LILYBreachDead Oceans
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 12/15

1VENOM PRISONPrimevalProsthetic
2BOUNDARIES Your Receding WarmthUnbeaten 
3AVERSIONS CROWN Hell WIll Come For Us AllNuclear Blast
4VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENTAeons of MiseryRealityfade
5ALPHA WOLFA Quiet Place To DieSharp Tone
6JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNEDPain Is PowerSelf-Released
7DAWN OF ASHES The AntinomianArtoffact
8WAGE WAR“Surrounded” [Single]Fearless
9UPON A BURNING BODY Built From War [EP]Seek & Strike 
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 12/15

1AFRIQUAColoredR & S
2BKTHERULALove SantanaRula
4GHETTO SAGE“Häagen Dazs” [Single]Self-Released
5SOLANGEWhen I Get HomeSaint Records/Columbia
6PRINCESS NOKIAEverything Is Beautiful/Everything SucksSelf-Released
7ARI LENNOXShea Butter BabyDreamville
10BABYXSOSA“Everywhereigo” [Single]1602599
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 12/15

1KACY HILL“Six (umru remix)” [Single]Self-Released
2KLLOMaybe We CouldGhostly International
3JAMES MASSIAHNatural Born Killers (Ride for Me) [EP]Levels
4NAMASENDA“Wanted” [Single]PC
5KITTYCharm And Mirror [EP]Pretty Wavvy
6CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENSLa Vita Nuova [EP]Because/Capitol
7JESSY LANZAAll The TimeHyperdub
8HIMERAMore Than Friends [EP]unseelie
10PLANET 1999DevotionPIAS

A Cult Leader, but Kinda Cool

In episode eight, Jaylan discusses Russ’s EP CHOMP, Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album, SAINt JHN’s While The World Was Burning and the Grammys.