New Album Review

Vorga’s “Beyond the Palest Star” Album Peek

Hello, all glorious death metalheads and sci-fi geeks. Today marks the advent of demise, loneliness and destruction in the outer spheres of the universe as I take a dive into Vorga’s “Beyond the Palest Star”. 

This album was released March 29, 2024 on ______. This album is Vorga’s second full length release. Their first, “Striving Towards Oblivion” was released two years ago to much acclaim, but the recent sound-byte reviews of “Beyond the Palest Star” puts it above their first release (as seen on their Bandcamp). 

Vorga hails from Germany, and the members include Atlas (Rhythm Guitar), Спейса (Lead Guitar, Bass + Vocals) and Hymir (Drums).

“Beyond the Palest Star”

In our trip to the outer edges, we find ourselves immediately lost in the beauty of cascading drums and guitars. They bleed into our ears and confuse the listener. The shock and bite of delirium is welcome. (When is it not?). 

Voideath”, the first track on the album, is a long ambling journey itself. The track reaches and climbs through speakers to bring out the intense misery of loneliness in space. Again, it’s welcome, because that feeling is what we search for among the stars. Спейса’s vocals grind in their heavy, throaty way to wind through the stars searching, ever searching. 

In “The Sophist”, which is my favorite track on this release, the journey ambles onward. Through a maze of asteroids we are begged to think and think about impending doom. The song is a little bit slower as it undulates with time and rhythm. Metal is the only sound heard in the emptiness of space, as it should be. 

Vorga decimates all listeners with this niche and growing genre of space bending metal. Evil and doom protrude to the corners, edges of everything, so why not explore space with the knowing feeling of emptiness and be happy you expected it.