New Album Review

Julia Holter’s “Something in the Room She Moves” Singles

Julia Holter’s new singles are part of her new release which came out March 22, 2024. The new tracks are part of a project Holter is working on about human bodies’ ability to transform and be corporeal (as mentioned on her Bandcamp page). 

This is Holter’s sixth full-length album. I began listening to her majestic sounds a little over a year ago looking for strange, ethereal compositions. I fell in love with her album “Tragedy” for the song “Goddess Eyes”. 

The singles released for “Something in the Room She Moves” have an aura of gold and beauty that have been slowly reaching a climax thanks to the direction of her career. The three songs include “Evening Mood”, “Spinning” and “Sun Girl”. 

In “Evening Mood”, we get to experience creeping beauty, skirting the shadows as the sun sets for the day. Moments of bliss and relaxation permeate the track, leaving the listener in a state of placid peace. 

Spinning” is my favorite release from the singles. An electric little start to the song winds us up for an unveiling of magnetic and addicting grace. The world swirls around in confusing spirals as we get to experience Holter’s delicious composition. 

I’m not the biggest fan of “Sun Girl”. Specifically the first half of the song is a bit too long winded and doesn’t keep me engaged like the lengthy “Spinning” or “Evening Mood”. The second half, after the cacophonous odd noises, is enticing. It’s the strange addicting music that Holter is able to create so well (but only for half of the song). I’m sure many folks will love the whole track, but the first bit wasn’t for me. 

I am excited to listen to the full album when I get the chance. These tracks were awesome teasers and make me want to dive back into the rest of Julia Holter’s discography.