New Album Review

Lip Critic – “The Heart”

Standing in the bowels of hell, I was able to ascend and see beauty carved from the carnage of beings and decrepit walls. This was my vision passed unto me by Lip Critic when I saw them open for Screaming Females last fall. 

This band’s unique atmosphere pools from the terrible traumatic experience of their sound. It’s a horrifying and fun landscape of sound destroying anything you deem holy. Lip Critic is from NYC. The band consists of two ferocious drummers Danny Eberle and Ilan Natter with samplers Connor Kleitz and Bret Kaser (also main vocals). 

An article by NME compares Lip Critic to Death Grips, one of the most well known experimental bands. I see it, but LIp Critic is their own behemoth. Way more synthy and electronic based. The lyrics are harsh, funky and certified fresh (from me). 

A few past releases of theirs have been “Lip Critic II”, “Kill Lip Critic” and “Lip Critic: Truth Revealed”. They’ve released a few songs in the past couple months. Most notably for me, is “The Heart”. It’s a beautiful melody of strange abhorrent sounds. Kaser’s vocals are anxiety inducing but they also have a weird calming sensation by the end of the track. 

Basically, if you’re into some weird strange noises that are a mix of spoken word, electronic BLAM and glitchy twitches, Lip Critic is a sound you’d enjoy.