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Chainsaw Charts 1/23/24

Chainsaw Charts

1RECEIVERWhispers of LoreGates of Hell
2XORCIST“Coterie Of The Depraved” [Single]Prosthetic
3RINGWORMSeeing Through FireNuclear Blast
4ENTIERROThe Gates Of HellSelf-Released
5DYING FETUSMake Them Beg For DeathRelapse
6FREYAFight As OneUpstate
7PLAGUEMACEReptilian WarlordsNapalm
8OUTERGODSThe Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of HeavenProsthetic
9BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
10TILL THE DIRTOutside The SprialNuclear Blast

Chainsaw Adds

1TORN IN HALFPrayers Returned With Pain [EP]Isolated Incidents