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Chainsaw Charts 11/7/23

Chainsaw Charts

1CRYPTOPSYAs Gomorrah BurnsNuclear Blast
2OUTERGODSThe Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of HeavenProsthetic
3BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
4WAYFARERAmerican Gothic (Bonus Track Version)Profound Lore
5XORCIST“Coterie Of The Depraved” [Single]Prosthetic
6VITRIOLIC RESPONSEThe Dissidents/Vitriolic Response [EP]Self-Released
7CREAKDepth PerceptionProsthetic
8TILL THE DIRTOutside The SprialNuclear Blast
9INHUMEDFeasted Upon Like CarrionSelf-Released
10DYING FETUSMake Them Beg For DeathRelapse