New Album Review

feeble little horse’s “Girl with Fish”: New Album Review

Pittsburgh based band feeble little horse released “Girl with Fish” on June 6 2023, it has since became one of my favorite albums of the year.

On feeble little horse’s Bandcamp page for their May 2021 release “modern tourism”, the band was comprised of just their two guitarists (a lineup lacking their current main vocalist and bassist, Lydia Slocum). I found it pretty interesting to look at this album and see the band in its primordial state.

With time and the addition of new members, the group’s sound has since developed to fall in a middle ground between noise pop and shoegaze.

Favorite track – “Steamroller”

This track is a fantastic example of just how well feeble little horse does dynamics within their songs. About half way through the song, all the instruments and vocals completely pause as if they were taking a breath- listening to it feels like looking down over the edge of a cliff. Next, you are knocked off the cliff and are meet with a wall of sound ornamented by a brief eerie and unfamiliar sounding guitar solo. The part then leads into the second verse of the song.

A combination of opposing qualities: a strong driving power is maintained in the song while soft, pleasing melodies are carried throughout. Of course feeble little horse is not the first band to make a song with both of these attributes, but they bring their own sound to these songs in a way that I can’t help but love.

Official audio for feeble little horse’s song Steamroller

Other Recommended Tracks

It’s hard to not list all the songs off this album in this because it is just so consistent, but below are a few I would recommend.

  • “Freak”
  • “Tin Man”
  • “Paces”
  • “Pocket”

Concluding Thoughts

This has been the third album the band has released in a two year span and I feel they have continuing to improve with each album. I am super excited to see what this group puts out in the future.

Overall I would give this album a 8.5/10