Your Music Forecast: Playlists for Spring

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy priming the perfect playlist to soundtrack your walk to class. The only problem is, spring in North Carolina is unpredictable. Some days it’s freezing and the next you’re pretty sure it’s already summer. Luckily, I’ve got a couple playlist starters for any weather the spring can throw at you. Temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

60 Degrees

“Paws” – Adult Mom

This song from Adult Mom, the mostly-solo project of Stevie Knipe, off their 2014 EP “Sometimes Bad Happens.” It’s upbeat and feels like a good song to be played when it’s a bit cooler– early fall or early spring, especially.

“Polly” – Whitney

This Whitney track is chill while still being emotive, making it perfect for the days of spring where you’re wishing the breeze would make up its mind on whether or not it’s going to be cold out today.

70 Degrees

“Daibutsu” – Sunbeam Sound Machine

This track is groovy and catchy without any attention-grabbing lyrics– it’s like if someone made a shoegaze and pop crossover. It’s a great tempo for matching your steps to the beat on the walk across the brickyard.

“Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect” – The Decemberists

I will admit that this song is good for almost any season, given its instantly-nostalgic nature. Still, it’s got a lot of potential for spring, particularly weather that encourages you to stick a hand out of the car window while driving.

80 Degrees

“Six AM” – Inner Wave

This song makes me want to dance. At the very least, it will get me bopping my head. The low-pitched, catchy vocals paired with the catchy beat allow it to check all of my 80-degree boxes. There are a few samples from older American media in the song that are now permanently etched into my memory.

“I Came As a Rat” – Modest Mouse

Easily one of my favorite tracks off my favorite Modest Mouse album, “The Moon & Antartica,” this song is super fun and catchy while also maintaining an air of seriousness and the weird, almost discomforting instrumental atmosphere of this album.

Stormy Weather

“I Hate Everything” – Greet Death

If I could give a song the Rainy Day award, it would be this one. I saw Greet Death open for The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die at the back room of the Cat’s Cradle in 2021 and totally fell in love with their stuff. This song, off their recent EP “New Low” definitely takes the cake for my favorite track of theirs.

Blinding Sun

“Murderers” – John Frusciante

Although this song has a generally ‘chill’ vibe to it, it’s somehow super exciting to listen to it. Pretty simple guitar riffs without a whole lot of instrumentals layered over them, but still compelling.

Dull Overcast Sky

“Midtown” – Josh Augustin, Eva Alexis

This song from the frontman of Vansire is always one of my favorite semi-ambient songs to put on during a grey day– it matches my low energy without producing a low mood. Good daydreaming soundtrack.

– bel$

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