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Hojean “You Aint Gotta” Song Review

We’re back with another song from Hojean.

As he gets ready to head for 88rising’s ‘Head in the Clouds’ music festival, he seems to have released another song that fans will get to see performed live for the first time.

Right from the start, you can tell this song has heavy 90s hip-hop and soul inspiration. It’s no lie that Hojean is highly versatile in his music and keeps the melodies and style unique with each new release.

The song starts off with a staccato beat and his smooth vocals.

All of his songs are easy to vibe with and because of the simple lyrics of this song, his voice and music production gets more emphasis.

The gist of the song is him saying he doesn’t need much from a relationship and singing “Slow, slow down |  You think you know what I want? | Well, baby I don’t really need it |  Hope you know it now (ah-ah ah-ah) |  Wow, oh wow |  I don’t need what you flaunt |  ‘Cause baby all I really wanna do is love you now” 

The title of the song comes from the chorus where he is essentially saying “you ain’t gotta write me a song” meaning the girl he’s with doesn’t have to do anything extra or surprising for him to be in love.

His vocals really shine in the third verse of the song. As the tempo increases, his singing matches the pace but maintains this lightness that carries you through. He sings in spoken word – not necessarily rap – yet maintains that cadence from the previous verses.

“Don’t you know I’ll take it easy, can’t, believe me, |  I can be there when you need me, they been sleeping on us | And I can’t keep up | Ain’t afraid of getting deeper for once |  And I promise you’re the one that I want |  Get together ’cause you know what I’m on |  And you ain’t even gotta write a song”

This verse highlights Hojean’s vocals as the melody crescendos and his pitch gets higher and higher. 

It’s a track that showcases Hojean’s voice while his previous tracks involve more lyricism or instrumentals. 

If you want a good reason to vibe or feel in the mood to vibe, this song is perfect just for that.

Hojean teased that he’ll be releasing his first EP soon, so we’ll get to see what else is in store from him.

Check out the music video:

By Mitali Joshi

A Senior at NCSU who is an enthusiastic consumer of music and loves writing about it.