Ranking Songs From Animal Crossing New Horizons

Howdy y’all! I hope your first week of classes has gone well! In honor of the amount of Animal Crossing I played over break, I wanted to put together a ranking of some of the songs from the game.

I love finding new soundtracks to games or movies to study to as background noise, and quite a few of the songs from Animal Crossing have made it to my studying playlist.

Welcome Horizons

Coming in first is Welcome Horizons, which is the theme for New Horizons. Ultra relaxing. Makes you feel like you are laying on the beach soaking up the sun. Also makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of the beginning of the pandemic. 

Aloha K.K.

This is what I have playing in the third floor room which I turned into my bedroom. The tropical-beachy feel makes it *perfect* for my beach themed bedroom. 

K.K. Ska

K.K. Ska is so much fun. Sounds like MarioKart music.

Stale Cupcakes

This is what I have playing in the main living room in my home! Despite the name, it is relaxing and very pleasant to have as you bumble around your house.

Visitor Arriving

I love this little tune! It plays when my brother comes to visit me on my island. Reminds me of playing ACNH together when we are both home. 

Chased by Wasps

I shake a lot of trees and encounter a lot of wasps. I’ve learned to love the little song that plays as they chase you around until you either catch them or get stung.

Museum (Bug, Fossil, Art, and Fish exhibits)

The museum is my favorite part of my entire island. Formerly known as museum maddie when I DJ-ed, I feel as if this is super self explanatory. With the new 2.0 updates, there are so many new critters to donate to the museum!

DoDo Airlines


K.K. Rock

Wishing that this was more of a classic rock situation. 

K.K. Swing

Has the potential to be nice, but makes me mildly uncomfortable.

K.K. Synth

I don’t really get it. I tried to, but it doesn’t reach the full potential of a song that is named “K.K. Synth” could have. 

K.K. Folk

Could be the background music of a horror movie. My least favorite of all of the tracks I have so far to play from at my house. 

By museum maddie

assistant daytime music director @ wknc 88.1 fm hd-1 <3