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On Melancholia

Melancholic music knows no genre bounds but rather manifests in the minds of people with similar thoughts and feelings. I’ve put together a playlist that includes some of my favorite “sad” music that makes use of insightful, personal, or simply raw lyricism. There’s quite a bit of genre mixing as the first line of this post implies, so I hope there’s a track or two (or fifteen) for everyone. 

  1. “Drive All Over Town” by Elliott Smith
  2. “Giving Up” by Corbin
  3. “And I Love Her” by Kurt Cobain
  4. “Milk and Honey – 2001 Remaster” by Jackson C. Frank
  5. “Mis” by Alex G
  6. “Agony” by Yung Lean
  7. “Novocaine” by Fog Lake
  8. “Half Right” by Heatmiser
  9. “I Love How You Love Me – Live” by Jeff Mangum
  10. “Some Things Last A Long Time” by Daniel Johnston
  11. “The Moon (Acoustic)” by The Microphones
  12. “Hands” by Joy Again
  13. “Notches” by Crywank
  14. “In Love” by Alex G
  15. “I’ve Seen It” by ARTHUR

Click here to listen on Spotify.

I hope you all aren’t feeling melancholic, but as winter approaches rapidly and with a cold bite, maybe this playlist will keep you warm when you’re not feeling so right.

Here’s to plugging Elliott Smith into WKNC content as often as possible,

Silya Bennai