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Song Recommendation Guide: Coffee Edition

Howdy y’all! In my semester off during my freshman year, I spent my time working as a barista at a small stand-alone coffee shop. I had total control of the music at 6:30 a.m. in the morning – a total dream! Using my knowledge of coffee and music, I bring you the recommendation guide to translate your favorite drink into a new song to listen to.

Espresso Drink Song Recommendations

If you order an americano (shots of espresso + hot water), listen to Wet Dream by Wet Leg. Anybody who orders an americano is ready to start their day, and this upbeat song feels like a bright morning brisk walk around the neighborhood. 

If you order a latte (shots of espresso + milk + optional flavor), listen to New Song by Maggie Rogers and Del Water Gap. Like a latte, this song is dependable and consistent for relaxing after those long days. 

If you order a lavender honey latte (shots of espresso + milk + honey + lavender syrup), listen to Fall in Love with You. by Montell Fish. This song is warm, dreamy, and ultra-comforting, similar to this drink. 

If you order a seasonal drink (pumpkin spice latte, peppermint mocha, etc.), listen to White WInter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. Chances are you start decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween, and nothing pairs better with a peppermint mocha than this buttery smooth Christmas-lite song.

If you order a cappuccino (espresso shots + splash of milk + foam), listen to Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens. Cappuccinos originated in Austria and were further developed in Italy. Mystery of Love was used in a movie that took place in Italy. Romanticize your cappuccino. 

If you order a red eye (shots of espresso + brewed coffee), listen to As the World Caves In by Matt Maltese. This song is dramatic, emotional, and sultry. Also, are you doing okay?

If you order a dirty chai (shots of espresso + chai), listen to Coming Back by James Blake featuring SZA. Coming Back, which samples Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah, is easy and mellow. SZA’s feature adds something equivalent to shots of espresso in a regular spiced chai. 

Non-Espresso Drink Song Recommendations

If you order matcha in any capacity, listen to Je te laisserai des mots by Patrick Watson. Romanticize your walk to class, matcha in hand, with this beautiful French song. I highly advise reading what the lyrics mean if you don’t understand French (like me). So lovely. 

If you order a frappuccino (blended beverage – Starbucks coined this term), listen to I Know A Place by MUNA. Frappuccinos are a staple in the Starbucks menu, and I Know A Place should be a staple in your current playlist if this is your drink. 

If you order a brewed coffee, listen to You Needed Love, I Needed You by Angelo De Augustine.  This song is melancholy, similar to sitting at your window on a rainy morning with a good old cup of joe. 

If you order a London Fog (earl grey tea, water, vanilla syrup, steamed milk), listen to Love in the Time of Socialism by Yellow House. Sweet and comforting are just two similarities between a London Fog and Love in the Time of Socialism. 

If you order a chai, listen to Clay Pigeons by Michael Cera. Michael Cera’s cover of Blaze Foley’s Clay Pigeons sounds like it should be smack dab in the middle of a coming of age movie. Enjoy your warm chai with this homely cover. 

I hope you enjoy this song recommendation guide and feel inspired to try a new drink! Linked here is a Spotify playlist with all of these songs.

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