Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 11/2

1EYEMASTERCharcoaled Remains / Festering Slime [EP]Caligari
2CREEPING DEATHThe Edge Of ExistenceEntertainment One
3HOODED MENACEThe Tritonus BellSeason Of Mist
4MORBID MESSIAHDisgorged in the CoffinChaos
5ZETARDevouring DarknessSpirit Coffin
6MASTIFFLeave Me The Ashes Of The EarthEntertainment One
7AZZRIELL“Cycle of Shadows” [Single]Self-Released
8VENUS SYNDROMECannibal SarRockshots
9BORISNoThird Man
10CHARREDPrayers Of MaledictionEntertainment One